All Comparisons – CBF1000F, Z1000SX or Fazer8: three very different Japanese menus – Test drive: three roadways with particular flavors

CBF1000F, Z1000SX or Fazer8: three very different Japanese menus

All Comparisons - CBF1000F, Z1000SX or Fazer8: three very different Japanese menus - Test drive: three roads with particular flavors

Three streamlined roadsters want to animate the road motorcycle segment this year. What are the strengths of the Honda CBF1000F, Kawasaki Z1000SX and Yamaha Fazer8 to win? Their weaknesses? The new Site comparison test tells you everything !

Test: three roads with particular flavors

With the observation round done, Site can now pick up the pace. Quickly, the Z1000SX took the lead in the procession: the 110 Nm enjoyed by its pilot from 7800 rpm literally left the two competitors in place, while the ultra short pulling of the throttle grip greatly contributed to this feeling of liveliness. !

On clean and dry roads, traction is imperative and the front wheel of the Zed tends to leave the ground on first gear! While waiting for the little comrades – not easy to return the hand as the acceleration and recovery are enjoyable! -, we nevertheless notice that the front axle remains stuck to the road and makes it possible to attack very hard.

Zed Wasabi sauce

The Honda 4-cylinder therefore lacks the pep to follow the Kawa in the straight lines and despite its additional 219 cc, the CBF block cannot get rid of the Fazer … More angry, the Yam engine ” is only slightly behind at mid-range and even regains ground high in the laps.

The differences noted on the technical sheets are indeed reflected on the road: weighing 215 kg and developing 106 horsepower allowed by French regulations, the Fazer8 works as hard as the CBF1000F, its 245 kg and 98 hp..

When the first turns take shape, the Zed pilot rubs his gloves again: on a nice dry surface, the SX looks like a Ninja! Matched to engine temperament, the braking power provided by the calipers – radial mounted, like on Superbikes! – allows to keep the advance dug on the two "adversaries".

In "factory" setting, the Z1000SX suspensions offer excellent road holding and make it easy to correct any trajectory errors or over-zealousness! It is hardly that on big bumps or in deep hollows that the pilot in green jacket must give up his hand.

Bittersweet fazer

More flexible, the shock absorber and the fork – especially the fork! – of the Yamaha better absorb the irregularities of the ground. Thus, on the departmental roads neglected by the local General Council, the Fazer8 gradually goes back to the Z1000SX…

The harsh 800cc tone obtained by the airbox subconsciously induces a go-around – oh the excuse! -, then to take the brakes again more frankly. Quickly, the Yamaha therefore takes on the air of a rocking horse: without going all the way to the stops, the 130 mm front and rear travel seem to be well used. After all, it’s not for nothing that Denis Bouan swapped the original suspensions for Ohlins to win the Moto Tour again. !

Fortunately, the behavior of the original Yam ‘remains safe: of course, the Fazer requires a little attention in curves when it comes to taking the brakes or the throttle, but bikers interested in this bike should benefit from it. !

Slightly penalized in the rapid series of curves by its greater wheelbase (5 cm compared to the Z1000SX and 3.5 cm compared to the Fazer8), the CBF1000F for its part remains unperturbed once on the angle and behaves perfectly on any type of coating.

In all relaxation, the third thief on his Honda follows the two nervous leaders and just waits for the crossing of an undergrowth to appear in front of them! Because braking question, the CBF1000F benefits from a reference on this type of machine: the combined ABS of the world number one !

Not only effective and reassuring on slippery roads, the Honda brakes are also very pleasant to use: in "ride mode", the pilot likes to control his speed with the tip of the right foot, which activates the rear disc but also a front right disc piston.

Passengers will also greatly appreciate the Honda. In addition to braking that is both gentle and reassuring, the CBF gives the co-pilot the best possible welcome: comfortable saddle, well-placed footrest and handles positioned at the rear to resist acceleration and braking..

Small onion CBF

The Kawasaki defends itself surprisingly well on this point: only the firmness of the saddle can be blamed, the passenger handles being almost better placed than on the Honda. In any case much better than on the Yamaha, of which the passenger will have to cling to the pilot, the handles being placed too vertically.

To cut the road for two, we will therefore prefer the CBF1000F. Also solo, the Honda is the most capable of knocking down the terminal. Raised to the maximum, its screen offers the best protection and apart from a few crackles at 6000 rev / min in the feet, the general comfort is irreproachable.

This is less the case on the Z1000SX which also emits vibrations from 6000 rpm, but in the thighs and then in the hands. Finally, the Fazer8 also provides its share of vibrations to the feet and thighs, while its bubble thinner than the others and not adjustable does not completely protect the shoulders and the head: the older ones will have to bend down !

In addition, if Yamaha offers a top case for urbanites, it is the only one of the three manufacturers not to have provided side cases for its customers who love long trips..

To be frank, even before getting on the motorcycles we suspected that it would be difficult to designate a single and real "winner": of course, these three motorcycles are close in design or even in look, but their philosophies, their objectives and their behavior differs markedly in the end…!

Reading this new Site comparison, Internet users will therefore have decided for themselves: "the Honda is terribly homogeneous and without – good or bad – surprises, the Kawa is sportier and more expensive, and the Yam ‘has an engine as angry as its suspensions are soft"…

So it’s hard to go wrong when choosing: it’s up to you to select the menu that suits you best! And good appetite, of course !

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