All Comparisons – CBF1000F, Z1000SX or Fazer8: three very different Japanese menus – Presentation: recent road cars made in Japan

CBF1000F, Z1000SX or Fazer8: three very different Japanese menus

All Comparisons - CBF1000F, Z1000SX or Fazer8: three very different Japanese menus - Presentation: recent road cars made in Japan

Three streamlined roadsters want to animate the road motorcycle segment this year. What are the strengths of the Honda CBF1000F, Kawasaki Z1000SX and Yamaha Fazer8 to win? Their weaknesses? The new Site comparison test tells you everything !

Presentation: recent roads made in Japan

When we talk about road motorcycles in France, the indisputable reference – because undisputed in this segment in terms of sales volumes (read in particular our) – is called the BMW R 1200 RT. But at € 17,500 – or even more than € 20,000 with the "kivonbien" option packs – the Bavarian is out of reach of the purse of many bikers (read our). Among them, however, riders – it still exists – are looking for a motorcycle offering "more" than a cheap roadster….

These then turn to other less expensive models but also cut for the road. Or rather "re-cut" for the road, since many manufacturers offer streamlined roadsters, a practical and less expensive alternative to meet the demand of the "poor" always drive.

Thus in the Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha dealerships have recently appeared alongside the VFR, GTR or FJR – which play in the same court as the RT – three very interesting models: the CBF1000F, the Z1000SX and the Fazer8…

Tested one by one as soon as they are released by Site (read, and), these three new "routsters" have been brought together by the MNC editorial staff in order to fight each other…

It is therefore with the aim of verifying our first impressions that we set up this comparison, because only a "direct" opposition makes it possible to establish an objective and incontestable judgment. And then, we must admit: the press presentations under the Mediterranean sun, it’s nice … But MNC had the right – the duty? – also ride in the rain and in the cold !

CBF1000F: the acclaimed 2010 novelty

Released a year ago, the Honda CBF1000F immediately rose to the benchmark in the "routster" segment. Its score in sales of motorcycles in France in 2010 proves it: the novelty found 1299 buyers and is only exceeded in the road segment by the extraordinary R1200RT (2271 immates).

Its revised aesthetics and ergonomics, its aluminum frame (and not steel) and its 4-in-1 pot allowed it to far outstrip its sister CBF1000 (691 immats), which remained in the catalog of the world number one at a good price. lower: 8,990 € currently for the old one against 10,690 € for the F version (offered at 10,190 € until the end of June, and 100 € cheaper for the 2010 models still available!).

The optics of the CBR600RR and the rear inspired by the CB1000R would therefore have hit the mark, consolidating the strengths of the original model: a simple but proven chassis (41 mm telescopic fork and 160 mm rear tire for example), a flexible engine and voluntary, the ABS-CBS and the central stand as standard, an irreproachable finish…

Comparing it to these two rivals of the day, the CBF1000F gives off an impression of smoothness and ease: it is the thinnest of the three and the least streamlined – the Fazer8 was coated with an additional fairing – so well that she impresses less than her muscular neighbors.

By examining it more closely, we appreciate the presence of a particularly complete dashboard, a large gasoline capacity (20 liters exactly, against 19 for the Z and 17 for the Fazer) and many adjustments (levers , handlebars, saddle and screen) to adapt to the morphology of each.

Finally, under the passenger seat easily fits the essential equipment for any biker wishing to use his mount often, for a long time and in all weather: a U, rain pants and a second pair of large gloves. And if that’s not enough, hooks allow you to secure a bag to the Honda. You said practical ?

Z1000SX: the real novelty for 2011

Latest addition to the family of "routsters", the Kawasaki Z1000SX is the most extravagant … and what could be more normal for a model derived from the last Z1000 ?! The family relationship is undeniable. The sought after lines of the "SX" leave no one indifferent: we will appreciate more or less the heavy fairing, the protruding indicators and the tortuous screen.

Other elements, on the other hand, are unanimous: the radial brake calipers, the elegant eccentric of the oscillating arm, the pots with original designs and sober color, the tapered rear – identical to the "short" Z -, the original full fairing finely tuned to the tank, the long passenger handles…

We just regret the premature wear of the footrest plates on our Kawasaki France test model, which however only displayed 1117 km at the start of our journey. This bad point did not escape us during our first test in Malaga, nor in Kawasaki since the Greens offer a set of self-adhesive gel resin protectors (22 €).

Looking at the Z1000SX, we thank Kawasaki again for replacing the thin – and yellow! – analog counter of the Z by an analog and digital assembly much more convenient on the SX. Compared to that of the Honda, only the engine temperature and the gear engaged indicator are missing..

Another good point for the Kawa: the tank capacity goes from 15 liters on the roadster to 19 liters on its road version. Thanks to the transmission ratio a bit longer, this is enough to increase its autonomy by about a quarter.

The Z1000SX, on the other hand, fails on the storage side: no storage compartment – this is a fault common to the three models compared – and a too small space under the saddle make the Kawa a poor traveler. Likewise, the absence of a central stand, even in the accessories catalog, will not facilitate the maintenance of a chain that has to run for a long time and in all weathers….

Fazer8: the novelty 2011 launched mid-2010

Launched last summer, the Yamaha Fazer8 is presented as a novelty for 2011 and is therefore entering its first "full year" of marketing. It should therefore do much better than in 2010: for the record, the Fazer8 and its bare version FZ8 had conquered 2008 French bikers last year.

The Blues of Iwata played it safe by keeping the fine features of the 2004 Fazer 600, slightly tightened in 2007. The flanged headlights – topped with their sidelights – of the Fazer8 are therefore very close to those of its ancestor, but also those of the Z1000SX or the ER-6f! Ah these Japanese, all the same ?

But the Yamaha sets itself apart from the competition with a few details that may be important when choosing. Thus, the touches of golden paint enhance the large inverted fork of the Yam ‘(43 mm, against 41 on the Kawa and 41 on the "non-inverted" fork of the Honda), the brake calipers and the rims..

Unfortunately, the Fazer differs from the Fazer 600 and its two opponents of the day by its exhaust that could not be more basic and even, let’s face it, quite ugly. The finish takes an additional lead in the wing with the somewhat coarse laying of the half-fairing around the tank.

Our test model was adorned with a lower fairing (available as an accessory just like the central stand), hence its road appearance much more assertive than the perfectly original model. Under the saddle, however, no change: the Fazer8 still accepts a disk block, but no more.

Finally, ABS is available as an option on the Yamaha for an extension of € 800 on the introductory price – which still lasts! – of the FZ8. The price of the Fazer8 then climbs to € 9,299, but remains the lowest of the three motorcycles here: the Honda costs € 10,590 (ABS-CBS is standard) and the Kawasaki € 12,399 (+ € 600 for ABS).

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