All Comparisons – Comparison R1200GS 2013 Vs Tiger Explorer XC Vs XT1200Z Super Tenere – 3 motorcycles, 3 engines, 3 user manuals

Comparison R1200GS 2013 Vs Tiger Explorer XC Vs XT1200Z Super Tenere

All Comparisons - Comparison R1200GS 2013 Vs Tiger Explorer XC Vs XT1200Z Super Tenere - 3 motorcycles, 3 engines, 3 user manuals

Even more powerful, the 2013 BMW R1200GS has on paper only to lean to cap the crown of maxi-trails motorcycles. But before pronouncing her coronation, MNC confronted her with the Triumph Tiger Explorer and the Yamaha Super Tenere.. Comparative test.

3 motorcycles, 3 engines, 3 user manuals

As we have seen, the BMW has retained a clear advantage in terms of handling. This quality pays off in the city, but also off the beaten track where the "Gelande Strasse 2013" also benefits from a lower weight and a better turning radius to fine its rivals..

An incursion on a rolling trail, "Enduro" mode engaged, confirms its not insignificant progress in what originally entered the specifications of the trails. Its very smooth clutch and short-pull throttle grip (almost too much for some) allow millimeter placements, while the introduction of an anti-dribble virtually eliminates any risk of rear sweeping when downshifting too brutal.

But it is above all at the level of braking that the German puts everyone in agreement: no road bike has so far allowed to brake so hard from the front with original tires on a non-surface. paved! And especially not the Super Tenere, on which it is not possible to deactivate the ABS: disappointing for a motorcycle which openly relies on its prestigious Dakar lineage..

With the Triumph, the very present and higher weight penalizes improvisation capacities already in withdrawal due to a more clumsy front axle at low speed. Remains an exceptional pleasure engine: it is the most available and the most melodious of the lot, the only one to restart from idle speed without muffling. As practical to get out of a quagmire in second as from an agglomeration in fourth !

Back on the road, the R1200GS 2013 continues its recital: if it does not have the flexibility of the English block at very low revs, the German "Flat Fleet" of 1170 cc has on the other hand a hellish fishing of 3500 to 7000 rpm. Neither the Triumph nor the Yamaha can fight acceleration: the Behème rushes forward at the slightest rotation of the right handle when the "Dynamic" mode is engaged, even going so far as to relieve its front wheel on both first reports !

Thanks in particular to a lighter crankshaft, a higher compression ratio and a redesigned intake (the gas stream now enters from the top), the 2013 Boxer bowls move with less inertia and "hit" with more force until entering the red zone at 9000 rpm. To avoid spoiling anything, mechanical vibrations and the effects of overturning torque are almost completely absorbed.

Finally, the engine of the new GS has changed its way of expressing itself: its accents are more metallic at low revs (especially as distribution noises are perceptible at idle) and more rumbling afterwards. Almost sporty, this soundtrack has absolutely nothing to do with the roar of the cult Citroën 2 CV !

Dropped from the first tests of times, the Super Tenere seems for its part to return 30 horses to its two adversaries: very torquey and voluntary at low and mid-revs, the 1199 cc twin then offers a tasteless thrust that quickly runs out of steam. . To make matters worse, the engine delivers a monotonous soundtrack as well as a significant amount of vibration under the saddle and footrests as it takes turns..

Not completely devoid of tingling, the English three-legged also slightly tickles the buttocks and hands around 6000 laps, but we forgive him by feasting on his muffled growl and his crackles when the gas is cut off: if he also scratches loudly that it purrs, the tiger will "tear" its prey! Except in fact, no: the feline of His Majesty is more of the big cat type

Admittedly, its elasticity and constant thrust are perfect for dawdling and for a bit, we could go directly from first to sixth so much the Triple of 1215 cc has the trunk. But its linearity is a bit disappointing: the Tiger Explorer lacks a bit of "gniak" at high speed, especially in this restricted version..

Tested several times in Full by MNC, the British three-cylinder is much more fiery from 7,000 to 10,000 rpm when its 137 hp can gallop freely. But even in the original configuration (in the rest of the world, what), it lacks a pinch of character, especially compared to the almost sporty temperament of this insolent flat twin BMW !

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