All Comparisons – Comparison test Tuono V4RR Vs GSX-S1000 Vs MT-10: 1000 fires! – 2016 selection of MNC maxiroadsters

Comparative test Tuono V4RR Vs GSX-S1000 Vs MT-10: 1000 fires !

All Comparisons - Comparison test Tuono V4RR Vs GSX-S1000 Vs MT-10: 1000 fires! - 2016 selection of MNC maxiroadsters

Launched this year by Yamaha, the MT-10 intends to shine in the 1000 cc roadsters category. To assess its capabilities, Site compared it to the best Japanese, the Suzuki GSX-S1000, and the all-powerful Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR.. Comparo.

2016 selection of MNC maxiroadsters

Despite its dark label "Dark Side of Japan", the MT-10 is currently landing in Yamaha dealerships with the firm ambition to shine with 1000 cc fires in the maxiroadster category !, the 2016 novelty is now opposed to two tough opponents…

No, it is not about the BMW S1000R and KTM Superduke R: these two formidable motorcycles already appeared in the previous MNC comparison of maxiroadsters maxisportifs (read our)…

Similarly, in recent years, the Kawasaki Z1000, has not been selected for this new comparison since last year, MNC had measured the "Zed" to its two compatriots (read our). Tight, the confrontation between these three motorcycles had finally turned to the advantage of the "Gexesse". As a reminder, here is what the Journal moto du Net concluded.

"Newer and better equipped than the Honda, more comfortable and less nervous than the Kawasaki, the Suzuki has the best 4-cylinder of Japanese production. But what is Yamaha waiting for to release a maxiroadster equipped with its famous CP4? ?!", then wondered MNC … The Blues did not take long to draw !

For Site therefore, opposing the MT-10 to the winner of the previous Japanese "1000%" comparison was quite natural. In order to complicate the task a little – complicate that of MT and spoil its dear readers – the editorial staff nevertheless decided to add a third motorcycle to this match….

Here again, the choice of the outsider was rather obvious: "Auf wiedersehen" the S1000R and Superduke R therefore, "Sayonara" the CB1000R and Z1000 also, "Exit" the Speed ​​Triple 2016 opposed last month to the XSR900 (read our ), "Ciao" the Monster 1200 compared to the R1200R and the old Speed ​​this fall (read our) … and "Buongiurno" to the Tuono V4 1100 RR !

A single value is enough to legitimize the presence of Aprilia in this new MNC comparator: 175, ie the number of horses coming out of the Italian V4, including in France, the land of the useless law of 100 horses! Released and, the Tuono is the most powerful of the "naked" motorcycles currently available on the market.

In comparison, the Yamaha CP4 from the very last R1 2015 (read our and our and) develops 15 horsepower less than the Aprilia … but 15 more than the 4-in-line-and-howler of Suzuki stung from the 2005 GSX-R1000 "coupler" (read our) !

Located right between its two rivals of the day on paper – in terms of maximum power in any case: see the technical sheets on the last page to compare all the other characteristics -, it will therefore be interesting to see what the Yamaha roadster is capable of on the road…

But before riding these three "naked" sports bikes, Site takes a few minutes to examine them. Several surprises us – you! – wait from this first round of observation: go to the next page !

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