All Comparisons – Comparo 600 hp: Ninja H2 Vs Panigale 1299 S Vs Hayabusa – Rather Rafale or Concorde, the Ninja H2?

Comparo 600 hp: Ninja H2 Vs Panigale 1299 S Vs Hayabusa

All Comparisons - Comparo 600 hp: Ninja H2 Vs Panigale 1299 S Vs Hayabusa - Rather Rafale or Concorde, the Ninja H2?

With its supercharged 200 hp 4-legged, the spectacular Kawasaki H2 is a “ K ” apart, between hypersport and hyper-road. To better understand it, MNC opposed it to the Ducati Panigale 1299 S and Suzuki Hayabusa. Comparo under high (com) pressure !

Rather Rafale or Concorde, the Ninja H2 ?

602 hp … Never before had Site brought together such a cavalry, and this with only three motorcycles: the racy, the most powerful and torquey Superbike of the moment with 205 hp and 144.6 Nm announced, the intimidating with its supercharged 4-cylinder engine with 200 hp and 133.5 Nm, and finally the legendary one, the benchmark for “super-road cars” stuffed with horsepower and torque with 197 hp and 155 Nm (read our box on the most efficient production motorcycles on page 3) !

By adding the horses theoretically obtained at high speed via the forced air intake, the total turns into 630 hp !

Let us immediately dismiss certain considerations such as the interest of such values ​​at a time when the number of radars () exceeds that of the population of a small town: everyone will have their opinion on the question, deeming it unreasonable and futile or at the same time. otherwise impressive and exciting…

More joyful in any case than the idea of ​​everyone riding tomorrow on sanitized and sluggish two-wheelers to satisfy the obstinate zero risk !

These three machines embody and convey the dream, the absolute must of motorcycle production: in this, they are as absolutely useless as they are absolutely essential. !

Our comparative test in video

In addition to this exclusive comparison between the spectacular Kawasaki Ninja H2, the sensual Ducati Panigale 1299S and the legendary Suzuki GSX-R1300 Hayabusa, also discover our .

Another unusual value: 67,889. That is, in euros, the sum of their prices: 26,390 € for the Panigale S (recognizable by its controlled Ohlins suspensions, its full Led lighting, its forged rims and several carbon parts), € 26,000 for the H2 (a bargain next to its unapproved € 53,000!) And "only" € 15,499 for the Hayabusa.

, the H2 arouses fantasies and questions about its compressed engine, unique to this day in mass production motorcycle production. Well, not quite: Kawasaki has been offering supercharged Ninja 4-cylinders for some time … on its jet skis !

The current spearhead of the “marine” range of the Greens, the Ultra 310R, is thus powered by the 1498 cc “4-legged” of the ZZR1400, whose performance is increased to 300 hp and 277 Nm via a compressor. That Kawasaki transposes this technology from the sea to the bitumen is therefore not so extraordinary, no offense to the rave reviews surrounding the loooong marketing campaign of the H2 and H2R.

Still, this bike poses a new technological milestone and therefore raises its share of questions. Starting with knowing if it belongs to the Superbike genre – like the Ducati – or if its size and weight (238 kg against 190.5 for the slender Italian!) Rather confined it to the rank of high performance road sports, like the voluminous Suzuki (266 kg).

Its 200 hp are they enough to distinguish it when this power is now the standard for modern Superbikes? Will we have the courage – or the unconsciousness! – to wring out his electronic accelerator? Does health insurance cover shoulder dislocations caused by too much power ?! Answers to follow on the following pages !

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