All Comparisons – S1000R, Monster 1200, Superduke R and Z1000: Fantastic Four! – The opinion of Moto-Net.Com riders

S1000R, Monster 1200, Superduke R and Z1000: Fantastic Four !

All Comparisons - S1000R, Monster 1200, Superduke R and Z1000: Fantastic Four! - The opinion of Moto-Net.Com riders

In 2014, the BMW S1000R, the Ducati Monster 1200 and the KTM 1290 Superduke R simultaneously attack the hegemonic and new Kawasaki Z1000! Which of these four fantastic bikes will emerge victorious from this fight ? Site counts points…

The opinion of the riders Site

Too shy, the MNC riders had always remained silent in our previous tests of three or four motorcycles. On the occasion of this comparison "big roadsters" 2014, the editorial staff do them the immense honor of giving them the floor … But not too long !

Marcos, who drives a V-Strom 650

When the Site testers asked me to accompany them to get my opinion as a "single-experienced" biker (Suzuki V-Strom 650) on this comparison, I was initially surprised. And when I received the text message with the name of the bikes we were going to test, I was downright impressed … Fortunately, the journalist’s comment was meant to be reassuring: "Don’t worry, they are restrained … at 100 horsepower".

I arrive 20 minutes early at the meeting place, all in leather to make a good impression and ready to apply my "enormous" knowledge to the service of the MNC team…

BMW S1000R

I was all excited and even stressed about getting on a brand new BMW S1000R, me who has always driven on a trail…

My first impression when riding the S1000R is that it’s very light … It doesn’t look like it, but it’s a featherweight! When the engine is started, the sound takes up all the space: loud, powerful but without being disturbing, at least at the beginning. I can’t resist and a big smile emerges under my helmet … And let’s go for a ride !

I found the S1000R reassuring. Its controls are precise, easy to find and touch sensitive. The front brake, precise and biting, immediately puts you at ease: you feel safe very quickly and this feeling will last throughout the journey. The rear brake is perfect and the turns are a real treat: the bike leans naturally and with precision. Going up the lines is not difficult, but if it is to drive her through traffic jams, you might as well take the metro !

As for the power … It takes your breath away! If you do not want to be rushed when accelerating, you have to pay attention to its position. The hours spent on the set come back to me: the BMW S1000R is driven with the eyes and the legs. On the other hand, I did not find it practical because of an unsatisfactory turning radius and a somewhat demanding driving position..

I think it’s the perfect bike to play around the corners, but an hour later it becomes urgent to rest. The driving position is not natural (for a regular in the trail position) and it does not offer protections on the legs or in front. It’s a roadster, it’s not built to be practical and for longer journeys, I can’t imagine my darling doing Paris – Deauville with it to eat seafood … Unless I want to disgust her of motorcycle !

For me the BMW S1000R – I feel like a pro rider when I write this name! – is a very nice toy to ride with friends, maybe to go to work, but knowing that you have to rest every hour.

KTM Super Duke 1190

When Site offers me to also taste the pleasures of the KTM 1290 Superduke R, I immediately think of the Dark Dog Moto Tour bike and I dream of facing Julien Toniutti in the French road rally championship…

The KTM is comfortable, entertaining and powerful at the same time. In fact, it’s a motorcycle the way I like them: it will do whatever you ask of it.

"Come on honey, we’re going to Normandy for the day"and presto, it’s in my pocket! The protection is always very fair and reminds you that you are on a motorcycle. The ride is guaranteed but if I drop my darling to go for a burn with my friend Julien, it’s possible too.

The controls are for my taste a little too much on the front and the finishes not great, but there are a lot of adjustable things, as often at Katoche.

The turns are linked naturally, the KTM is light and precise and the brakes are present without being sudden. For me the 1290 Superduke R is almost the all-rounder … and it is in any case my favorite !

Kawasaki Z1000

So there, the Kawasaki Z1000 (Z of Zorro?), With its Terminator face, it impressed me! There will certainly be some people who find her beautiful and others ugly. But we can’t deny it: she has personality.

It is powerful and precise. On its handlebars, the turns are still a treat. As soon as you get on it, the sound changes and becomes serious. It is ubiquitous, but less elegant than that of the BMW, almost crude.

The controls respond immediately and to my astonishment I quickly get my bearings, even if I found the saddle not very comfortable. Here too, you have to tighten your legs and drive with your eyes.

The acceleration is powerful (but seems less wild than on the BM) and I think I could drive it every day … until the moment I have to make the first U-turn! Like on the BMW, the turning radius is very limited but hey, that’s certainly a matter of habit.

Ducati Monster 1200

As much to be frank, the Ducati Monter 1200, with its noisy twin cylinder full of vibrations, did not please me: I stayed 20 minutes on it and I passed it to my neighbor! I just didn’t feel comfortable.

It’s too demanding a bike for me. You have to be good in the towers, otherwise she will complain! However, I have great respect for the brand and the Ducati fans, but I’m not ready to push the door of a store.

Thomas, who rides a Hornet 600 every day

Kawasaki Z1000

I admit it, the engines of the Duke and the S1000R are explosive. But I preferred the smoothness, the finish and the hoarse sound of the Z1000.

However, I am not sure that we can chain the terminals because of its wooden saddle and its footrests finally a little high perched.

Nevertheless, I found this bike to be very homogeneous, with ample torque and reassuring braking. Very stable and lively on the corner, it is very pleasant in the city despite its inclination to crime and its unsatisfactory turning radius. Special mention for its original line, ultimately very successful.

BMW S1000R

The S1000R may offer a little better everywhere, I did not feel so comfortable (selector, brake pedal much too small and on the inside). However, I appreciated its equipment (cruise control and optional shifter, too bad) and its engine (999 cc only?).

It’s a bike that could be eye-catching if I didn’t find it so ugly at the fork crown and if a thicker and larger saddle was offered to the passenger. It is perfectly born and gives you confidence, despite its engine of at least 15,000 hp…

KTM Super Duke 1190

The Duke is a very healthy monster (size, engine). Still, a twin of this displacement in town could tire me and that its level of finish is not top for this price. On his handlebars, we have the banana as soon as the turns come. I had a very good feeling of the brakes. Only the bridle is perhaps a little castrating but it is a great bike for bi lovers who are looking for a less roadster style.

Ducati Monster 1200

The Monster gave me a few cold sweats due to its lack of stability in turns and its lack of braking feeling. But it’s a magnificent motorcycle, rather comfortable, with a playful engine and a remarkable finish..

Alex, who rides a ZX-6R 636 every day … and on the bikes the editor has tested

KTM Super Duke 1190

180 ch. The number rumbles like a thunderclap, echoes like an expletive in a church … and even scares people a little! That’s as many horses as the new Honda CBR1000RR! Obviously, some will ask themselves the question of knowing if it is really reasonable … No need to lie to yourself: no, certainly, it is not! But what the hell is it good !

And then finally, thanks to an exceptional cycle part, a finely calibrated damping cohesion (special mention for the rear, just a treat) and saving electronic aids, the "beast" certainly appears fierce, but also and – above all – disciplinable. It’s my crush, even if it claims to keep a cool head and that its finish is in my eyes unworthy of its elitist price.

BMW S1000R

Just behind, the S1000R fulfills the contract perfectly. Its engine is a mountain of muscles, its sound is for me one of the most beautiful (it looks like an old 4-legged large displacement) and its chassis is level. The only downside comes from BM’s obsession with safety: by wanting too much to guarantee optimum stability to its maxi-roadster, the propeller brand has sacrificed too much agility for my taste. Its too tight steering damper makes it painful to move at low speed, while its geometry does not make it a queen of improvisation in small curves..

Still, she is also formidably balanced and very permissive: despite her perfs from another world, she is still riveted to the ground. Between its advanced electronics and optional piloted suspensions, the S1000R achieves the feat of erasing the Mach 12 bends without being (too) uncomfortable on a daily basis. In addition, it is not even expensive and frankly well equipped as standard !

Kawasaki Z1000

The Z1000 also had a lot of effect on me, especially since we finally get used to its daring look quite quickly: at first skeptical, even mocking, I ended up finding a certain grace in it. . for lack of charm! However, with its handlebars, we attract all eyes: even that of a customs officer who stopped me at a toll barrier, just to contemplate it and ask me if it was working well! Yes, sir: to walk, the 4-legged Kawa walks very hard !

I loved his availability, his furious way of taking turns and his musicality. Sensation engines, at Kawasaki, is not to say, they know how! Too bad that a bit of inertia – due to the weight and the engine – pushes the assembly out of the curve to attack and that the suspensions are a bit firm. Not to mention its saddle, harder and more inhospitable than a tombstone … Finally, the lack of traction control is in my eyes an incomprehensible shortcoming, especially for a brand like Kawa which has been promoting it ever since. several years: the ZX-10R is the first Japanese sports car to have adopted anti-skating, while the ZX-6R 636 is quite simply the only Japanese Supersport to offer it at the moment.

With so much power and torque, traction control is however far from being a useless gadget: on a somewhat "cool" road, late at night, the rear endowed me with a dodge which I would have taken. fine !

Ducati Monster 1200

Finally, the "case" Ducati Monster 1200. It is to my taste the most beautiful, the most classy and the countless number of beautiful pieces that it carries inevitably causes a double fracture of the retinas.

I appreciated the efforts made by Ducati to make it more frequent, like its adjustable saddle height, its correct turning radius for the category and its less rough engine than on the very first Mostros. Sound is also one of its strong points, as is its really efficient rear shock absorber. Its well-calibrated electronics sublimate its qualities, while its engine pushes frankly strong from 4000 to 9000 rpm, despite the clamping at 100 hp.

The sensations are there, even if it does not tow as early as the old Monster 1100. The power curve is undoubtedly shifted upwards. A feature which is also added to its significant weight gain compared to the M1100 (from 169 kg to 182 dry), which was more agile and more intuitive. On the other hand, I liked much less the sensitivity of its direction, its wearing position in the long run and its delicate braking to measure. But what a great motorcycle !

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