All Comparisons – S1000R, Monster 1200, Superduke R and Z1000: Fantastic Four! – MNC pits four fantastic bikes against each other

S1000R, Monster 1200, Superduke R and Z1000: Fantastic Four !

All Comparisons - S1000R, Monster 1200, Superduke R and Z1000: Fantastic Four! - MNC pits four fantastic bikes against each other

In 2014, the BMW S1000R, the Ducati Monster 1200 and the KTM 1290 Superduke R simultaneously attack the hegemonic and new Kawasaki Z1000! Which of these four fantastic bikes will emerge victorious from this fight ? Site counts points…

MNC pits four fantastic motorcycles against each other

The "marvelous" universe of motorcycles is placed this year 2014 under the sign of the maxi roadster: three new blockbusters from BMW, Ducati and KTM are launching after the leader of the category, the Kawasaki Z1000, which is evolving for better resist…

Unveiled a year and a half ago as a particularly exuberant prototype, the KTM 1290 Superduke R was the first to enter the arena in early November 2013. Tested and approved by Julien Toniutti (read our), this all new Austrian motorcycle is akin to "The thing"…

The KTM "Thing"

To bikers who do not know the "Marvel" universe, Site must point out that this American comic book superhero is characterized by colossal build and strength, unsuspected skill and speed, as well as orange skin. ” rugged appearance and particularly resistant.

The readers of the Site – who, as everyone knows, have a little more savvy than the others – will have understood that this description corresponds just as well to the – big – member of the "Fantastic Four"than to the brand new 1290 Superduke R.

With a size larger than that of the three other motorcycles assembled on the occasion of this new MNC comparative test, the KTM also claims the highest power and torque of the band: 180 hp and 144 Nm in the original configuration of its LC8 twin (106 hp and 121 Nm in France, see the technical sheets on the last page).

To help the rider tame his beast, the Austrian engineers made sure to cover their bike with electronic aids: traction control under acceleration (MTC), anti-lock braking system (ABS) and engine management (three modes) are delivered as standard.

In its French version however, the driving modes "Sport" and "Street" do not exceed the 100 horses of the "Rain" mode. In addition to performance, the clamping therefore limits the interest of the KTM system supposed to influence, via ride-by-wire, the general behavior of the engine….

Sliding enthusiasts – entering and exiting a bend – will nevertheless welcome the fact that the piloting aids can be deactivated by simply tapping on the buttons of the left stalk and following the indications displayed on the instrument panel..

"For speed circuit sessions", specifies Katoche subtly, it is therefore possible to independently disconnect the MTC and the ABS, or to select the" Supermoto "mode which"cuts the action of ABS only on the rear wheel". To you the gliding entrances … and the squealing exits !

"Mr Fantastic" Kawasaki

As indifferent to this debauchery of technologies, Kawasaki launched in the wake of the KTM the fourth generation of its Z1000, devoid of electronic crutches but more stylish than ever (read our).

With its muscular look and its hidden LED optics, the Z1000 evokes terribly Batman, especially in the black color that accompanies us for this trip. In order to continue the parallel with the "Fantastic Four", Site nevertheless prefers to compare the" Zed "to the leader of the Marvel band, a certain"Mister Fantastic"…

In 2013, the Z1000 effectively once again became the "boss" of maxi roadsters in France with 908 registrations while its great rival, the Honda CB1000R, ran out of steam and obtained second place with 722 registrations (read our).

This year, the Kawa intends to keep its status by highlighting its bestial side and its "plastic" more stripped than it was on the old model. As a reminder, its atypical look is inspired by the Japanese term "Sugomi", of which the Z project manager offered a translation to Site during the press launch organized last December (see our).

Inaugurated a few months earlier on the Z1000SX (read our), the latest version of the 1043 cc 4-cylinder engine meets the many expectations of roadster users..

Flexible in the city, powerful on the road and enduring over long distances: the mill is flexible at will, like "Mister Fantastic" himself who can adapt his body to all situations by stretching it, deforming it, even by solidifying it, if, if !

Unlike his little playmates (S1000R, Monster and Superduke) but also, more curiously, his brother Z1000SX, the Kawasaki maxi roadster does without traction control and driving modes. He only receives the ABS at the express request of the customer and the invoice then increases by 600 euros: not very "Fantastic", all that…

Last subtlety "Made in Akashi": the biton green and gray color costs 200 euros more than the black or orange versions. The price of the Kawa then reaches 12,790 €, but remains the lowest of all since it is necessary to pay 2,900 euros more to acquire the KTM, 700 euros more for the Monster 1200 and 160 euros more for the BMW…

The BMW "Torch"

Displayed "from" € 12,950, the S1000R is however equipped as standard with the Race-ABS of its sister S1000RR and a "ASC suitable for wet surfaces"including two driving modes (" Road "and" Rain "). To benefit from the most advanced BMW traction control – that of the Superbike, equipped with tilt sensors -, the customer must check the DTC option (+ 345 €).

On the sound advice of his dealer, the customer will be able to select the Sport pack at 800 € which includes, in addition to the famous "Dynamic Traction Control", two additional driving modes ("Dynamic" and "Dynamic Pro", read our) as well. a shifter and a cruise control.

But this "cruise control" is not a gadget: as Site was able to verify during its presentation to the press in early December (read our), this roadster is a real missile mounted on wheels … To such an extent that on an open road, using the regulator could save the owner’s money: € 14,885 for a full options S1000R.

In addition to the Sport pack and the € 215 anti-theft alarm, the Behème can in fact receive a Dynamic pack (€ 920) from the factory containing the DDC electronic suspensions, LED indicators, an engine guard and heated grips … Yes , as if driving an S1000 (R or RR) was not "hot" enough ?!

It is moreover to its explosive temperament that the BMW owes its nickname of "Torch" which, in the original American comic strip, is given to the young and dashing Johnny. Former racing driver a bit hothead – what else? -, this character perfectly masters fire and is even able to fly !

Riding the S1000R, the rider will have to be careful not to fly away, precisely … Because even deflated at 160 hp (against 193 for the S1000RR), or even castrated at 107 hp in the French version, the 4-cylinder of 999 cc remains one of the most flamboyant of creation.

Associated with this boiling hot water, the sports cycle part must give this maxi roadster an irreproachable road track holding. On the other hand, the aesthetics of the BMW "Torch" is much more questionable – and discussed even within the MNC editorial staff -, unlike that of the youngest…

The "Visible" Ducati

Only 2014 novelty to miss – until today! – on the Site hunting chart, the Monster 1200 is presented as the benchmark of this comparison in terms of sex appeal and could easily slip into the costume of the sculptural "Invisible Woman"…

Unlike the comic book heroine, however, the Ducati is incapable of "bend the waves of light around your body to make yourself invisible", according to the online encyclopedia Marvel-World … The Italian, she does the opposite and seeks by all means to attract attention !

Molded in her red dress and bustier pim (pom) pants, the all new Monster 1200 entices bikers with its particularly alluring array of accessories in the "S" version at € 15,990: all-gold 48mm Ohlins inverted fork with matching shock absorber, Brembo radial calipers (M50 for specialist fetishists, as on the Katoche), 3×2 spoke rims…

The "standard" Monster 1200 that Site has for this comparative test shares the same tubular steel frame and the same aluminum swingarm as the S, but is satisfied with – a little – more discreet peripherals: gray Kayaba fork of 43 mm and Sachs rear shock, 5×2 spoke rims and Brembo M4-32 calipers.

At the center of the Ducati binoculars beats the same L-twin, with the displacement made legendary by Bayliss, then by Checa: 1198 cc. But the Testastretta 11 ° (mounted on the Diavel and Multistrada also) does not develop exactly the same maximum power and torque values ​​on the two machines: 145 hp and 124.5 Nm on the S, against 135 hp and 118 Nm on the Monster 1200 "short".

In France naturally and unfortunately, the extension of 2500 euros required for the "Special" version does not change anything at this level: the (top) models of Bologna are limited to 106 horses and at the same time limited to 113 Nm. Finally, the balance "manufacturer" scrupulously displays the same weight for his two toddlers: 209 kg all full facts.

Despite its thin and very well-driven motorcycle air, the Monster 1200 therefore appears on the MNC summary of the technical sheets (on the last page of this article) as the heaviest of the four motorcycles. "Fantastic" motorcycles on which the Site team had a great time: on the way !

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