All Duels – Duel BMW F 700 GS vs Triumph Tiger 800: easy trails! – Engine: action!

Duel BMW F 700 GS vs Triumph Tiger 800: easy trails !

All Duels - Duel BMW F 700 GS vs Triumph Tiger 800: easy trails! - Engine: action!

Appeared two years ago, the Triumph Tiger 800 quickly established itself as the benchmark for mid-capacity road trails. But that was without counting BMW’s response with its new F 700 GS. Duel at the top… ease !

Motor: action !

On the engine side, the F 700 GS also forgives everything. You will never be overwhelmed by the 75 hp of the German twin, even less with the optional ASC traction control. This block is probably not the most fascinating of motorcycle production, but it does its job very well and with a rather nice sound..

However, it is far from being as endearing as the English three-cylinder! On this 800 cc version, the "3-legged" has certainly lost that rage that characterizes the 675 cc block from which it comes, but it has gained in torque and roundness..

It responds to all revs, including the highest when driving becomes sporty. A situation that arises all the more naturally as the cycle part perfectly follows the movement.

Noticeably softer than those of the GS, the suspensions of the Tiger 800 provide better comfort. On a beautiful ribbon of asphalt, the mix between stability and liveliness is excellent. Heading is imperturbable, while its front tire, which is only 100 mm wide (same for the BMW), gives it very appreciable agility and naturalness..

British comfort

On bumpy roads, the picture is slightly less glorious without being really worrying. The pilot bounces a little on the bumps while waiting for things to pass … On the braking side, a little more bite and a fork that dives a little less on heavy decelerations would have been appreciated.

With its generous size, the Tiger 800 invites you to travel: it correctly protects the bust of its pilot and offers very good saddle comfort. In addition, a U-shaped lock is just as easy to fit under the saddle as you can attach your bag to the large luggage rack..

The slender F 700 GS is a little less dedicated to long breakaways. It will have to be accessorized a bit, starting by changing the original needy nose screen for a windshield worthy of the name !

It will also be necessary to opt for a luggage room or a real luggage rack. As for the transport of an anti-theft device, it should not be counted under the saddle of the Behemian since there is the gas tank.

Finally, a good point for both motorcycles: they are equipped with 12 V sockets (non-standard). These adjoin the barrel, which is a prime location to connect a GPS.

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