All Duels – Duel Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer: Goliath vs. David – Verdict: Who Can More … Costs Less ?!

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer Duel: Goliath vs. David

All Duels - Duel Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer: Goliath vs. David - Verdict: Who Can More ... Costs Less ?!

In 2015, the two Japanese motorcycle manufacturers Honda and Yamaha competed in the segment of ” sporty road trail with a GT trend ”. Who from the Crossrunner VFR800X or the MT-09 Tracer wins this new MNC duel ? Ready, Set…

Verdict: who can do the most … costs the least ?!

On the highway in sixth, the two motorcycles gallop at 130 km / h before their bar of 5250 rpm does not light up. Much better than on the first VFR800X, the protection offered by the screen of the new Crossrunner is superior to that of the Tracer in its standard or low position.

By unscrewing the two screws located above the dashboard, it is indeed possible to raise the screen of the Tracer by 3 cm. In addition to the bust and shoulders, the lower half of the helmet then becomes protected … But this data naturally depends on the rider’s size and the saddle adjustment adopted..

The main thing to remember is that the small V-shaped bubble – due to the prominent hand guards! – of the Yamaha deflects the air as well as that of the Honda. And whether you are at the controls of one or the other of these two "hyper-road trails", pilots of 1.75 m (and more) must bend to no longer feel the wind banging or whistling in the helmet.

In terms of the feet this time, the Crossrunner offers better grip and better insulation thanks to its rubber-embellished footrests. Sensitive when you take the insertion path, the slight crackling felt on the Yamaha nevertheless becomes imperceptible at a stabilized pace.

During our journey (250 km traveled mainly on the secondary network), the variable distribution system did not turn out to be so revolutionary in terms of consumption since the Honda consumed on average 0.2 liters more than the Yamaha.

Taking advantage of a slightly larger tank, the Crossrunner nevertheless wins in terms of autonomy: according to surveys and learned Site calculations, it reaches a maximum of 305 km on the "blue", 341 on the "Red".

The "GT" point on which the Journal Moto du Net has really felt a difference is the duo. First of all because the reception reserved on the Honda is better due to a longer and deeper saddle, more forward and slightly more ergonomic handles (especially with large gloves).

Firmer, the rear seat of the Tracer remains acceptable. The fact that the grab handles are too far back, bent and close together is much less in the eyes of Site, and especially in his thumbs, wedged between the handles and his posterior however not very wide !

Another advantage available to the "VFR" for setting off with two and / or loaded: a knob placed under the left passenger footrest allows the preload of the rear spring to be adjusted in a jiffy. The operation is much more laborious on the "MT".

Another asset very appreciated by owners of Honda road, the combined braking system is unfortunately not fitted on the new Crossrunner. The latter loses here the opportunity to score a few points by playing the "Touring" card against the Yamaha and its more "sporty" braking, which requires a certain restraint to spare the passenger in town.

In terms of practicality (see the sheet on the next page), motorcycles both ignore the storage compartments, yet very convenient when driving on the motorway. Site would have appreciated being able to keep its mimines warm when paying its full gasoline or crossing a toll … Double damn.

Yet displayed € 2000 cheaper, the Tracer again dominates the Crossrunner in terms of equipment. Its 12V socket for example, very useful during long journeys – to "stay connected to MNC"! -, is supplied as standard. That of the Crossrunner is found in the Accessories department of its dealer "to gild"…

Ditto for the center stand, standard on the Yamaha and available as an option on the Honda. The Yam ‘drives home the point with the finely studied kinematics of its power plant: you put the bike on it without having to exert great efforts – concentration and muscle…

Paradoxically, the bike with ten (thousand) balls has better equipment than the one with twelve … What biker will complain after that about the lateral side of the Tracer, more difficult to deploy because of the – very! – long footrest lug. Admittedly, the Honda crutch with its eyes closed thanks to its lug ideally placed between the selector and the footrest. So what ?

Does the Honda justify its tariff surplus thanks to its finish? Not even. If the excellent image conveyed by the winged brand is found in this Crossrunner, the MT-09 Tracer certainly does not have to "be ashamed" of its quality of manufacture and assembly. Its meticulously crafted plastic is flawless … As sharp as the Yamaha’s final victory ?

On the Honda, just one small detail turned the tide on the way back … The control of the heated grips (fitted as standard, and thin) of the Crossrunner melted the MNC testers. First of all for its integration, much better than the gas cooker button that we found on the old VFR800F, unfortunately replaced on the new VFR800 "F" and "X" by the ugly trigger of the traction control.

Then because at a temperature of 0 ° C, MNC can certify that the windproof function of the hand guards of the Tracer no longer exists and that the cold penetrates the gloves. To fight, the heated grips of the Honda set to maximum (on 5 therefore) are unbeatable. But you don’t choose your bike based on that, if ?!

More dynamic, better equipped and less expensive, the MT-09 "David" Tracer will ultimately appeal to more people than the VFR800X "Goliath" Crossrunner. Less comfortable the Yam ‘? Certainly, but it is possible to play on the suspension settings and above all to equip it with a comfort saddle … While it will be impossible to make the Honda lose around thirty kg !

"This bike is about to compete with the bigger enginesYamaha Europe’s Product Planner Oliver Grill warned in the columns of the. "It has a great power-to-weight ratio and, in the mountains, it can easily outrun its competitors even those over 1000 cc."Including the new Versys 1000 or the future S1000XR? MNC asks to see.

"Its low weight combined with the explosive power of the motor and its practical sides make it a unique machine on the market. Anything that comes close is much heavier and more expensive"The Honda Crossrunner certainly is.

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