All Duels – Duel Derbi-Suzuki Supermotard 125: very good trip! – The age of the captain

Duel Derbi / Suzuki Supermotard 125: very good trip !

All Duels - Duel Derbi-Suzuki Supermotard 125: very good trip! - The age of the captain

Teaser, efficient and fun to ride, the 125 cc Supermoto motorcycles have everything to please lunch … and the less young! Demonstration with this comparison between the Derbi Senda DRD 125 SM and the Suzuki DR 125 SM for a duel… Super funny !

The age of the captain

Obviously, with such a difference in price, some would be tempted to conclude that the dice of this "SM" duel (to avoid any misunderstanding, it is indeed the abbreviation of "Supermotard") are loaded and that the road test will only highlight the superiority of the Derbi Senda DRD 125 SM…

Except that once installed behind the two cross-type handlebars, the editorial staff of Site (itself a little worried about the Suz ‘) quickly noticed that the DR125SM was doing much better than defending itself. !

First of all, if her less exaggerated sportsmanship can serve her out of high school, she offers some welcome practical aspects. Thus, its pilot takes place on a saddle wider and oh so much softer than that of its rival, while the passenger of the Suz ‘is the only one to benefit from a grab handle and footrests covered with rubber..

The DR125SM also has an ignition switch, a small trunk and a lockable helmet holder placed on its left side, as well as a safety device to avoid rolling with the crutch unfolded. This equipment is lacking on the DRD125SM, on which there is, however, a tool kit under the saddle and a retractable selector tip saving in the event of a fall..

The Derbi’s crutch is also facilitated by the presence of a large lug, absent on the Suz ‘. On the other hand, its semi-automatic folding stand is quickly annoying and conducive to great scares during maneuvers at a standstill … Finally, if it is possible to lock the steering of these two 125s, they are both without warnings and hinges on their fuel cap.

Entirely geared towards sport, the Derbi therefore sacrifices comfort on the altar of performance: a trait common to the most exclusive Supermotards, but the degree of importance of which will vary depending on the age and expectations of its rider. Attracted by the thin blades, the latter will probably not get annoyed by the radicalism of the Spanish as his dynamic qualities are up to the task..

Perched on a saddle culminating at 880 mm in height (836 mm for the Suzuki), the driver quickly becomes one with a responsive machine with formidable precision: equipped with a firm suspension tuning – without being uncomfortable for all that -, the Derbi turns with ease in curves, well aided by incisive and very powerful braking and excellent stability.

This idyllic picture pushes to heckle her at the slightest opportunity, but we quickly get annoyed with the original tire assembly: long to heat up and not very "communicative", Thai Vee Rubber compounds are absolutely not up to the standard. potential of the Senda DRD 125 SM.

The phenomenon is even worse in the wet: the rear slips too often, while the management of the frank attack of the front brake requires the skill of a Swiss watchmaker. The tire grip limits of 100/80/17 are therefore extremely easy to exceed…

For its part, firmly planted on its excellent Pirelli Sport Demons, the Suzuki DR 125 SM plays with precarious grip conditions with the same ease as it absorbs all the irregularities of the road..

Barely less rigorous than those of the Derbi Senda DRD 125 SM when the pace picks up, its suspensions display a comfort / efficiency compromise that is more appreciable on a daily basis: holes and bumps are filtered with less dryness, but this softness does not does not affect the balance of damping on the attack.

Above all, the Japanese provides an amazing feeling of control which is explained by its handling and its agility of eel: as light as a feather (121 kg against 124 kg for the DRD) and quicker to turn thanks to its contained wheelbase. (1340 mm against 1443 mm), the Suzuki is a formidable weapon in the winding or in town.

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