All Duels – Face to Face CBF 600 S – XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back – The obvious!

Face to face CBF 600 S / XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back

All Duels - Face to Face CBF 600 S - XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back - The obvious!

This year, the new Yamaha XJ6 Diversion joins the discreet but nonetheless excellent Honda CBF 600 S in the small road motorcycle market. Will the novelty live up to the category reference? ? Trial in a fratricidal duel !

The obvious !

Come on, it is high time for us to escape the Paris region to test these motorcycles on roads worthy of the name! And you might as well say it right away: these two machines are incredibly easy to handle. !

Their accessible side makes them both super reassuring for beginners – and beginners! – and endearing for the most experienced: everything is smooth and easy on these two motorcycles !

Yet well above 200 kg in running order, their weight is forgotten from the first turns of the wheel. Even parking maneuvers with the engine off are a formality thanks to their careful ergonomics.

Like at home !

No need to chase the natural aboard our two roadsters, it is omnipresent! The riding position is upright on both models and the handlebars are easy to reach.

Traffic in the city is just a formality with these lively and smooth motorcycles at the same time. Difficult to decide between them in this environment, because their 4-cylinders are as flexible and torquey as each other and their cycle parts easy to balance..

We can however give a slight advantage to the Honda for its precise and fast gearbox, while that of the Yamaha suffers from a selection a bit harder..

The Diversion will also be criticized for a few injection spurts when it is cut off and when the go-around is done, which prevents perfectly smooth driving between the cars..

Wind tunnel test…

Once Paris is behind us, head for the motorway to reach the Morvan as quickly as possible. Well imagine that these little streamlined roadsters offer great provisions for this kind of exercise. !

Their half-fairings provide just the right amount of protection so they don’t get tired while staying fairly straight, without taking away any sense of speed. This allows you to keep your license a little longer…

The two Japanese can support almost indefinitely a speed of 140-145 km / h meter – just to stay roughly within the tolerance of radars … – in a very correct saddle comfort and without fatigue. Suddenly, we take advantage of their significant autonomy (around 250 km before reserve) to lengthen the stages.

In the event of a small night swamp on the German motorway – which requires a small detour when you go to the Morvan -, the CBF 600 takes advantage of its more consistent times to escape and hang a little over 210 km / h. But the XJ6 remains just behind !

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