All Duels – Face to face CBF 600 S – XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back – Hunting for mosquitoes in the Morvan!

Face to face CBF 600 S / XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back

All Duels - Face to face CBF 600 S - XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back - Hunting for mosquitoes in the Morvan!

This year, the new Yamaha XJ6 Diversion joins the discreet but nonetheless excellent Honda CBF 600 S in the small road motorcycle market. Will the novelty live up to the category benchmark? ? Trial in a fratricidal duel !

Mosquito hunting in the Morvan !

During this comparative test, we therefore had to wait for a little more technical and selective roads to really differentiate our two competitors: the roads of the Morvan lend themselves particularly well, with their alternation of tight and more rolling layouts as well as of coatings, from the most nickel to the most degraded.

First of all, our two roadsters are doing very well at a bucolic pace. At this rate, the Diversion shines particularly by its suspension comfort and its silent operation..

For its part, the CBF 600 is a little firmer in terms of its saddle and its damping. But in these magical curves and very little frequented, we quickly give in to the temptation to have a little fun !

Because despite their misleading image of utility machines and / or beginners, these two motorcycles are particularly pleasant and not ridiculous at all for the arsonist !

Sacred CBF !

In this little game, the Honda hides its game well: its very wise aesthetics can not let imagine its incredible efficiency as well as the pleasure that can be experienced on its handlebars. It is a real tool that responds to the slightest request !

The Honda engine is full at the bottom of the tachometer and quite angry at the top. The chassis is very healthy and super easy, the stability is unruffled and the 160 mm wide rear tire gives the bike a very intuitive setting on the angle..

The CBF will therefore allow young people with license A to learn their skills and the most seasoned to have a good time! Fortunately, the braking is more than up to it and offers an excellent feeling! Equipped as standard with ABS-CBS, it is extremely efficient and has little to envy of much more "prestigious" machines..

The icing on the cake, the exhaust delivers an angry sound that delights the ears and encourages people to take turns. It’s simple, we would almost dream of fitting the CBF 600 with really sporty compounds, as the bike lends itself to it….

Sweet Diversion

The atmosphere is certainly wiser on the handlebars of the Diversion: on board, everything is calm, luxury and pleasure … The Yamaha can also keep up a good pace, but it encourages it a little less than the Honda.

We feel that the Yam is forcing its nature a little more, which it does not hesitate to make known by large scrapings of its footrests … Its ground clearance is not intended for the excessive attack !

Its very smooth and particularly linear 4-cylinder contributes to this feeling, as does its rather muffled sound. The suspensions offer high level comfort but almost give the impression of moving on a flying carpet.

Understand by this that they filter the sensations a little too much and do not necessarily allow you to feel the front axle well. But all this is mostly in the head and the fun is also there. As for the braking, it is correct but a little behind in biting as in feeling compared to that of the Honda.

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