All Duels – Happiness without a motorcycle license! – Two alternatives for more security

Happiness without a motorcycle license !

All Duels - Happiness without a motorcycle license! - Two alternatives for more security

These two scoots are the most efficient and secure – but also the most expensive – offer available to holders of a car license only. Which will win between a 125 two-wheeler compressed with ABS and a three-wheeler of 400 cc ? Testing !

Two alternatives for more security

Our two competitors of the day do not only provide additional performance: they also put forward two very distinct alternatives to gain in safety.

The MP3 relies on its three wheels, two of which are at the front to ensure stability on the angle and serene braking, while the BlacKsat relies on its rigorous cycle part and on its amazing ABS braking to guarantee serenity in all circumstances..

Remember also that a good reserve of acceleration is an undeniable guarantee of safety in two-wheeled vehicles and that some 125 cc scooters can be very "fair" on large axes..

Sacred gear !

Our two scooters look great and are particularly rewarding for users who do not have a motorcycle license. !

This is particularly true for the Peugeot which, in this BlacKsat finish, catches the eye. Its black dress alternating shine and matt, largely inspired by the Yamaha Blackmax, combines elegance and sportiness. The two-tone, polished and black rims are of the best taste, as is the orange stitched saddle and the Lion stamped, the mirrors in carbon look, the chrome rods and the smoke bubble.

We even find the orange BlacKsat logo on the rims and saddle. If that is not the flame! But what catches the attention of connoisseurs the most are these two large scoops on each side of the sides of the scooter, added to fill the supercharger with air and which give the machine a rather nice little Mad Max look. We will see later if the ramage is up to the plumage…

In addition, we find the dashboard of other Satelis inspired by the brand’s cars with its chrome surrounds. The scooter in our test is in its Executive version which includes, in addition to the already very complete basic equipment, the integrated anti-theft chain – brilliant and easy to use – and ABS / PBS.

On the other hand, we deplore the unflattering quality of certain plastics, such as that of the hood of the small storage compartment present in the handlebars that we had already noted when the first model was released (read our) … Too bad !

Italian: revised and corrected

In order to meet the L5e standard which defines motorized tricycles, and therefore become accessible to holders of the only car license, the MP3 250 and 400 cc had to undergo some chassis modifications and took the opportunity to refresh their look..

To homologate its LT (for "Large Tread" or "wide track" in English), Piaggio had to remove the front wheels by 45 mm (or 465 mm total spacing) but also the indicators which are no longer attached to the others. fires. A brake pedal that acts on all three wheels simultaneously makes its appearance on the floor, as does the parking light at the bottom of the front panel. And that will be all for legal transformations.

As for the other novelties, the LT adopts a higher windshield, a redesigned passenger seat topped with a new back splash, bluish-treated headlights and a new chrome front grille. For the rest, we find the look now very identified, in city centers, traditional MP3.

The stern remains as prominent as ever, but it’s a necessary evil to keep a chest worthy of the name. The dashboard does not change either and remains identical to the old model. The size of the 400 is imposing and rewarding, even intimidating for beginners … It is that the machine weighs as heavy as it looks, with a weight in running order of more than 250 kg !

It should be noted that our two machines are equipped with 12 V sockets for recharging a mobile phone or a GPS, and immobilizer with coded key. This last point is important, because the Piaggio is very difficult to attach given the small wheels of the machine and the large brake discs. In particular, it is impossible to pass a chain through any of the wheels … You can hardly do more than pass a U diagonally on one of the front wheels: not great for safety !

We also regret this ridiculous horn and the lighthouse call to the thumb on Italian: it’s much better on French! On the other hand, and this is undoubtedly the most important for a scooter, the Piaggio offers a generous trunk which opens with remote control and which can accommodate two helmets (a jet and a full face) as well as a few things..

The Peugeot trunk – which can also be opened by remote control – can only take a small jet helmet in its trunk cluttered with the air box: top case compulsory for utility use !

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