All Duels – Happiness without a motorcycle license! – In town: advantage to the lightest!

Happiness without a motorcycle license !

All Duels - Happiness without a motorcycle license! - In town: advantage to the lightest!

These two scoots are the most efficient and secure – but also the most expensive – offer available to holders of a car license only. Which will win between a 125 two-wheeler compressed with ABS and a three-wheeler of 400 cc ? Testing !

In the city: advantage to the lightest !

A little intimidated at the start, the Grand Nicolas quickly felt at ease at the controls of the Peugeot. Because the Lion scooter hides its temperament well with a disconcerting softness and ease! An iron fist in a velvet glove, in a way…

Very flexible, the single-cylinder compressed and equipped with the injection never shows itself violent but nevertheless distils an astonishing thrust for its displacement. From the start, the tachometer needle rushes to more than 6,000 rpm thanks to the positive displacement compressor.

The acceleration is as linear as it is consistent up to speeds that are completely prohibited in town! With the very characteristic whistle of the compressor, one almost has the impression of being on an electric vehicle. Some love it, some hate…

But the efficiency is there since the small 125 pays for itself the luxury of taxing the big 400 at the standing start: the MP3 must indeed tow more than 70 kg additional compared to the BlacKsat. By the time its clutch waxes and sends all the power to the rear wheel, the Peugeot is already gone !

After 50 km / h, however, the large tricycle irreparably returns to its competitor to end up dropping it! The Italian still delivers 34 hp against only 15 – certainly compressed and therefore omnipresent – for the French.

Plump but handy

The 125 cc, lighter, is more efficient and pleasant in traffic jams than its competitor in 400. Nicolas did not even suspect that the BlacKsat could weigh nearly 40 kg more than its Majesty because the Peugeot, despite its size respectable, offers exemplary liveliness.

The BlacKsat takes an angle like laughing and even manages to be comfortable and rigorous on the cobbles. Finally, the only thing that will calm the ardor of the driver between the cars is the slightly exaggerated width at the level of the scoops present at the rear, on the sides, to force-feed the volumetric compressor..

While the handlebar width is 765mm, it is 800mm at the air intakes – against 745 for the MP3! -. This is something to be surprised in the corners, because theoretically when the front passes, the rear is also supposed to pass … However, this is not necessarily the case: caution !

Without being clumsy, the MP3 400 LT is a little less agile than the BlacKsat. Its steering is inevitably heavier because of the two parallel wheels of the front axle. In addition, despite a fairly low center of gravity, the weight is felt and induces a certain inertia when changing angles..

Fortunately, the stability is reassuring, even restful in traffic, especially in the rain. If it’s more psychological than anything else, you still feel more protected and safe than on a two-wheeler … Even if you can find yourself just as quickly on the ground when a motorist suddenly disengages. Because, let’s not forget: an MP3 can also drop !

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