All Duels – Happiness without a motorcycle license! – Common sense required!

Happiness without a motorcycle license !

All Duels - Happiness without a motorcycle license! - Common sense required!

These two scoots are the most efficient and safest offer – but also the most expensive – available to holders of a car license only. Which will win between a 125 two-wheeler compressed with ABS and a three-wheeler of 400 cc ? Testing !

Common sense required !

We remember: the announcement by Piaggio of the homologation of its MP3 LT as a motor tricycle had raised a general outcry in the Landerneau motard (read).

This little legal sleight of hand makes it possible to make a 400 cc machine accessible to motorists without any experience or training in driving a two (or three) wheel..

If on paper, this phenomenon may seem worrying, in fact the picture is much more nuanced: we quickly realize that the MP3 250 and 400 LT are bought by customers more concerned with safety than hungry for performance. In addition, insurers have understood this well, since these two devices are hardly more expensive to insure, for a holder of the B license, than the traditional MP3 125.

Accountability or recklessness and indignation ?

If many die-hard bikers, constantly in love with freedom on condition that it is theirs, have naturally screamed scandal – think therefore, a vulgar motorist who rolls like them on a large engine! -, on the contrary, we can congratulate ourselves, in an increasingly repressive and liberticidal society, to still find small loopholes to exploit in the system. Now it remains for the future buyers to make their free will work and to take responsibility: it will be up to them to estimate whether their experience is sufficient or not to embark on the roads safely..

Thus, whether or not they have had a history of riding a 125 cc scooter, Piaggio offers, in partnership with the Monneret and CER motorcycle schools, three optional three-hour training modules. These "Discovery", "Improvement" and "Circulation" courses are invoiced at 135 € each or 390 € the three.

And of course, we cannot recommend too much to newbies to go and familiarize themselves with their brand new MP3 LT in a secure environment and with the advice of professionals. !

Clever too, the little Peugeot

The BlacKsat for its part remains in the nails of traditional legislation. It is still 125 cc for a power of 15 hp but, by equipping itself with a positive-displacement compressor, it sees its performance greatly improved. Thus equipped, it is the most efficient 125 scooter with a four-stroke engine on the market..

Unfortunately, the model in our test only had 18 km on the odometer when we picked it up. However, we know that an engine does not give the best of itself until well after the end of the break-in….

Less heavy than the Piaggio, the Peugeot is more accessible to inexperienced scooters. Nevertheless, you will have to keep a cool head and not be intoxicated by his playful temperament, both in engine and in chassis..

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