All Duels – Head to Head Suzuki Gladius – Yamaha XJ6: the battle of the senses! – A common goal: two different visions!

Face to face Suzuki Gladius – Yamaha XJ6: the battle of the senses !

All Duels - Head to Head Suzuki Gladius - Yamaha XJ6: the battle of the senses! - A common goal: two different visions!

Barely unveiled, the Suzuki Gladius v-twin opposes the in-line four-cylinder of the new Yamaha XJ6! A real war of the chapels, between sensations and efficiency, in a category that is a hit in Europe… Face to face test !

A common goal: two different visions !

Undoubtedly, the new Suzuki SVF Gladius promises to be the spearhead of Suzuki troops for the year 2009: logical, when we know that Gladius is the Latin name for the swords used by gladiators in Roman arenas! A name chosen to highlight the compactness and balance of the one that will now replace the famous SV 650.

On a buoyant market in Europe (France, Italy and Spain in particular), the last little roadster of the Blues is coming with the firm intention of shaking up the category thanks to its lively twin-cylinder, its completely revised plastic and its original biton colors (read) !

Unashamedly tackling references like the Kawasaki ER-6n (read our), the Honda CBF 600, the Yamaha XJ6 or the Bandit 650, the Gladius casts a wide net: it intends to appeal to beginners looking for an accessible motorcycle and experienced motorcyclists appreciating the versatility and sufficient performance of a mid-size motorcycle.

A sort of squaring of the circle for this category acclaimed by users with multiple tastes and varied needs: the machine must therefore be beautiful but not ostentatious, dynamic but not too focused "lunch", light but reassuring, easy to handle but not boring…

Thus posed, the postulate is a challenge! But each manufacturer has its own recipe for nibbling market share: Kawasaki plays the card of originality with its parallel twin, Honda that of the discreet excellence dear to the brand, while Yamaha has put itself in tune – necessarily … – by bringing out the concept of the Diversion to unveil an XJ6 with bluffing efficiency (read our).

In short, beyond the marketing speeches of each, two schools clash among the "entry-level" roadsters: the gentle efficiency of the four-cylinder in-line against the sensations of the twin !

A battle as old as the wheel and which is transposed to each displacement, to each style and to each category of motorcycle … Today, for our Duel Site, it will oppose the last two arrivals in this very competitive segment: the Yamaha XJ6 and the Suzuki Gladius !

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