All Duels – Head to Head Suzuki Gladius – Yamaha XJ6: the battle of the senses! – Practical life: aspects of everyday life

Face to face Suzuki Gladius – Yamaha XJ6: the battle of the senses !

All Duels - Head to Head Suzuki Gladius - Yamaha XJ6: the battle of the senses! - Practical life: aspects of everyday life

Barely unveiled, the Suzuki Gladius v-twin opposes the in-line four-cylinder of the new Yamaha XJ6! A real war of the chapels, between sensations and efficiency, in a category that is a hit in Europe… Face to face test !

Practical life: aspects of everyday life

With their contained prices, the two Japanese roadsters are forced to make savings here and there: the Gladius thus admits a perfectible finish, such as the Rizlan collars which maintain the wiring to the steering column and the fragile surface treatments which cover the plates and quiet.

Stylish, the Suzuki is however not stingy with neat details, such as the headlight, engine casings and its tank cover – to the touch certainly very plastic – which extend under the saddle. Practical, the Gladius will more readily accept the duo thanks to a well-designed passenger seat, well-positioned and generous handles and footrests that constrain the knees less than on the Yamaha.

On the XJ6, we appreciate the honest finish for the genre – and the price – as well as a trendy design. The duo remains possible, but with less comfort due to an impractical passenger handle with winter gloves. Above all, the Yamaha stalls when lifting the saddle: the Gladius offers space and two removable straps where the trunk of the XJ6 struggles to contain a very small U !

The dashboards are complete and readable on both machines. That of the Gladius is even illustrated by its greater readability and its engaged gear indicator. No fuel gauge like on the XJ6, but a two-position reserve indicator, perfectly legible, and an automatic reserve trip.

Smaller by almost three liters (14.5 l against 17.3), the Gladius’ tank gives it an autonomy of around 260 km in view of the satisfactory 5.6 l / 100 km that we noted on average. Even more reasonable – despite frequent engine speeds higher than the Gladius – the Yamaha only swallowed 5.5 l / 100 during our comparative test, which brings its range to almost 315 km. Hat Yamaha engineers !

Both bikes feature adjustable brake levers that squeeze – without excessive bite but with enough power – 290mm discs on the Yam ‘and 298mm on the Suz’.

Gladius and XJ6 both have warnings, but only the Yamaha offers a coded key and a two-position adjustable handlebar.

In the end, the Suzuki nevertheless takes the advantage on the practical aspects, especially by its space under the saddle. But it would benefit from progressing in finishing and offering an ABS, as well as – why not – a center stand: two options available on a Yamaha which also claims a lower price of 150 €. Price side, the Yamaha drives the point home with a frequency of emptying and valve clearance more spaced (respectively 10,000 km against 6,000 km on the Gladius and 40,000 km against 24,000 km).

For this first fight, the Gladius thus emerges victorious against an XJ6 which does not demerit and closely follows the new Suzuki: the more alluring design and the wider choice of colors of the substitute of fire the SV 650 pleads in its favor. ! Just like the character of its engine, which enjoys the luxury of being round, angry and efficient and devoid of any vibration !

Pleasant in all areas, the XJ6 simply suffers from a slight lack of "gnak" at mid-range which would allow it to bear comparison with the sparkling SVF Gladius. More chic and of a certain efficiency but too discreet, the XJ6 will nevertheless certainly appeal to a greater number of people and has relevant economic arguments in a tense economic context. As often, everyone’s tastes and habits will make the real difference. !

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