All Duels – Honda VFR1200F Vs Kawasaki 1400GTR: the seven-league boots – Beautiful, heavy!

Honda VFR1200F Vs Kawasaki 1400GTR: The Seven League Boots

All Duels - Honda VFR1200F Vs Kawasaki 1400GTR: the seven league boots - Beautiful, heavy!

Between sport and travel, the new VFR1200F and 1400GTR have a lot to offer. Site therefore compared the long-awaited new Honda and the latest Kawasaki evolution over 1000 km. Which one wins this game of a thousand terminals ? Comparative test.

Beautiful, heavy !

Our two coaches look great! They are as rewarding by their generous sizes as by their very classy lines. It is also difficult to separate them as they are so elegant.

If the design of the Kawasaki is refined compared to the old model, it is nonetheless a bulky and stately motorcycle. We find the four lines that seem to scratch the bike from the front fender to the suitcases, through the fairing sides. On the other hand, this metallic brown color is not the happiest and we prefer the other midnight blue color.

It is exactly the opposite for the VFR, whose white dress looks great on it. It skilfully mixes class and sportiness while offering a real visual identity that sets it apart from all other machines on the market. In terms of perceived quality, the excellent finish of the Honda is a cut above the Kawasaki.

The sportswoman and the bourgeois

Even if – we’ll see later! – the program they offer is quite similar, our two cardan-drive vehicles welcome their pilots in very different ways.

The position is quite senatorial on board the GTR. We are straight as an "i" and the handlebars go up to place themselves naturally in the hands but the plump tank spreads the legs quite a bit.

The position is more sporty on the VFR but not necessarily less comfortable. The pilot is tilted more forward but the ergonomics have been very neat. Even leaning forward, the pressure on the handlebars remains moderate.

Equipped … or not !

The difference is also clear in the equipment of our two competitors. If the GTR offers an impressive range of services, the VFR ignores too many things !

A bit like "some German motorcycles", it will be necessary to resort to the long list of options if you want a central stand, heated grips or rigid luggage (top-case of 31 l and side cases of 29 l) … which considerably increases the rating !

As for the on-board computer, it will simply have to be done without. It is unfortunate that a roadster of this caliber gives so little information: no average consumption or remaining range, for example. That said, the dashboard looks pretty good. In addition, we can still slip an anti-theft device under the saddle of the VFR which was not necessarily the case in the past..

More GT than ever

For its part, the GTR plays it even more high-tech than in the past. First of all, we are delighted with its new, wider, higher and electrically adjustable windshield and its standard heated grips.

But what appeals the most is its dashboard, which becomes a real control panel. In addition to the many information it provides (outside temperature, average and instantaneous consumption, remaining range, tire pressure, gear engaged, etc.) it allows you to intervene on various parameters of the motorcycle.

Thanks to the controls on the handlebars, you can select the K-ACT braking assistance mode you want (more or less sporty) as well as this new mode which helps the pilot to save fuel.

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