All Duels – Hot couture or ready to show off? – Custom Honda sauce, not Wasabi

Hot couture or ready to show off ?

All Duels - Hot couture or ready to show off? - Custom Honda sauce, not Wasabi

Bold and unexpected, the Honda VT1300CX (Fury) could well see its chrome sparkle in a category dominated by US production … To judge its capabilities, we measured it against a rival: the Saxon Firestorm ! Duel.

Custom Honda sauce, not Wasabi

It takes a little longer to find its marks on the Saxon than on the Honda. The first developments in Parisian traffic deserve close attention on the American, while the handling of the Japanese is easier, its driving almost similar to that of a long roadster..

On the braking side, however, you have to learn almost everything! Once again, this is particularly true on the Firestrom whose single front disc is sorely lacking in bite: Brembo or not, to effectively activate the four pistons, do not hesitate to pull the lever. !

Ditto for the rear brake, which can be harshly applied without risking blocking the wheel. For a biker accustomed to sports, having to crush the pedal with the right foot – like on a car – to plant braking is not natural and still requires some adaptation time. Here again, the Honda will be more easily accessible.

Because of their geometry, these two motorcycles require constant corrections on the trajectories: at the beginning in any case, it will be necessary to concentrate well! In bends in particular, intervention on the brakes and throttle should be kept to the strict minimum..

The Fury’s cardan shaft drive is less pleasant than the Firestorm’s belt drive. The changes in attitude during acceleration and deceleration are not negligible on the Honda and encourage you to drive ever more smoothly around bends..

Conversely, the behavior of the chassis and the suspensions of the Jap ‘inspires more confidence than that of the Ricaine. The Honda’s steering is much less sagging, its shorter fork feels stiffer and its harder tuned rear suspension limits rear end movement..

On expressways, curves are approached more sharply on the VT1300CX than on the Firestorm and a few more or less clean connections are enough to widen the gap – with equivalent pilots – between the two machines.

Where the biker who discovers the Honda goes all the way without a second thought, the one who tames the Saxon squeezes his buttocks and keeps it under his leather mitt, wisely waiting for the horizon to emerge! Naturally, the angles are limited on the two motorcycles but the limit is reached more quickly on the "VeTe-thirteen-cents"…

Dominated in the winding part, the biker who clings to the handlebars of the Saxon derives no less pleasure! Level sensations, it must be admitted, the American evolves a notch – even two or three – above the Japanese. Each solicitation of the right grip results in a solid kick in the buttocks, overactive eardrums and wiggling of the right foot – as we have said, caution is in order. !

Bad surprise on the other hand for the right leg after a few stops because the pots are extremely close to the calf … and very warm: your synthetic winter pants will hardly appreciate, says Site !

Behind its air of a wild chopper, the Honda is ultimately very easy and predictable – yes, long live the pleonasms … – and faced with the "Firestorm", it must quickly lay down its arms. But the "Fury" is no less interesting and in both cases, you get what you pay for. And besides, speaking of money…

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