All Duels – Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness? – The kingdom of Xmax

Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness ?

All Duels - Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness? - The kingdom of Xmax

With its Dink Street, Kymco is pulling out all the stops to tackle the star of 125 cc scooters, the Yamaha Xmax. A difficult bet, because Yamaha’s bestseller has yet to evolve to be ever more attractive… Trial between city and countryside !

The kingdom of Xmax

For more than four years, Yamaha has literally crushed the competition with its famous Xmax 125 scooter, which has taken the lead in sales of motorized two-wheelers (all categories combined) with impressive volumes, although it is one of the most expensive in the world. market.

The secret to success? The Xmax is a particularly successful machine that manages to be both a performance utility and a chic and fashionable scooter. A kind of mini Tmax, in short !

More Tmax than ever !

In the spring of 2010, Yamaha refreshed its Xmax to keep it as sexy and capable as ever in the eyes of hip city customers. The resemblance to its "big brother", the legendary 500 Tmax, is further reinforced and in order to further maintain the mystery, the Xmax 125 no longer even displays its displacement !

The Yamaha Xmax 2010 also takes over the dashboard of the old Tmax, which is no longer attached to the handlebars. The design and quality of materials and assemblies, already of high quality, are further improved. As proof, this magnificent little aluminum cowling bearing the name of the brand at the end of the saddle, itself stitched in red, is particularly classy and of a perfect finish..

The Taiwanese reaction…

MNC readers, who as everyone knows are a little more fortunate than others, know that Kymco’s ambitions are very high in France … and it is clear that the results are there (read our).

But while this success was based mainly on cheap but not necessarily very glamorous scooters, Kymco decided to "beef up its game" by now opposing a hell of a competitor to Yamaha‘s Xmax: the 125 Dink Street, cheaper by 900 €! For once, this new scooter is damn rewarding for a 125 since it takes up neither more nor less the proportions and the size of the 300 Dink Street.

Note, however, that if the front wheel of the Dink Street 125 is well equipped with the toothed crown essential for ABS fitted as standard on the 300 cc, the 125 cc does not have the anti-lock braking system….

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