All Duels – Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness? – Caliph in place of the caliph

Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness ?

All Duels - Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness? - Caliph in place of the caliph

With its Dink Street, Kymco is pulling out all the stops to tackle the star of 125 cc scooters, the Yamaha Xmax. A difficult bet, because the Yamaha bestseller has yet to evolve to be ever more attractive… Trial between city and countryside !

Caliph instead of the Caliph

This is the end of the modesty of the small Taiwanese manufacturer who was trying to find a place in the French market: now, Kymco is asserting itself! This change in strategy is particularly striking when one comes to park Dink Street next to the Xmax: in terms of proportions, the Taiwanese scooter crushes the Japanese !

In addition, Kymco called on Italian designers to design this Dink Street. Its generous size and lines cut with the billhook give it a sporty GT look quite successful.

Finally, note that the Dink Street of this duel is no longer available in the Kymco press park, Cycles Bue in Colombes (92) kindly lent us their customer demonstration copy: a big thank you to Jean-Claude who made this possible. face to face and if you are looking for a Kymco (but also a Piaggio, a Vespa or a Gilera) in the west of Paris, log on to .

Totaling more than 10,000 km, this demonstration Dink Street therefore bore the marks of not always very careful use, but worked perfectly and did not have its central stand..

No more low cost, make way for fashion

Today we are far from the Grand Dink and Dink Street has been taken care of down to the smallest detail. Its magnificent, very complete dashboard, its LED position lights and its 12 V socket in the glove box (to charge phones and other GPS devices) are all little touches that make it a very rewarding machine..

Unlike the Yamaha which will require a small additional investment, the Kymco offers as standard a large practical luggage rack to secure a bag or accommodate a top case.

The joys of the scooter

Under the saddle, our two competitors are equipped with real baggage compartments which make it easy to store a bag and a lock while driving, then two helmets when parking.

Despite its more compact size, the Xmax offers a trunk a little more spacious than the Dink Street. Ditto for the storage compartments: the super bulky apron of the Kymco only offers a small storage compartment on the left, while the Yamaha offers a large lockable storage compartment with a key and including two slots for a laptop or a parking beeper.

On the other hand, our two machines do not benefit from flat floors, which are very practical for transporting bulky objects. This type of floor is the prerogative of "big wheels", not GTs !

Pleasure of the eyes

The two scooters offer very nice dashboards which have the same configuration: two analog counters (tachometer on the right and speed on the left) separated by a digital window. You can find just about everything you need: odometers, partial trips, engine temperature, fuel gauges and clock.

Only the Xmax provides information on the outside temperature, alternating with the time. We will nevertheless give a slight advantage to the Kymco, whose instrumentation surrounded by (false) chrome is very successful and perfectly readable.

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