All Duels – Out of competition … but not out of play! – … and well beyond on the track!

Out of competition … but not out of play !

All Duels - Out of competition ... but not out of play! - ... and well beyond on the track!

In the family of sports motorcycles, two models are currently set apart: the Ducati 848 and the Suzuki GSX-R 750. The site therefore had to confront the Italian and the Japanese, both on the road and on the circuit … Duel !

… and well beyond on track !

On the track, the two characters assert themselves … and it is now the Ducati which dictates its law: on the particularly clean surface of the circuit of the Ferte Gaucher, the Italian can finally assert its qualities of "Supersportive" cut for speed !

Do not hesitate to sway and not skimp on your support to command the 848, but the efficiency in return goes well beyond the efforts made! In the end, the Ducati does not tire much more than the GSX-R of which it is necessary to manage the more important trajectory deviations when taking the brakes or going around..

More precise, the Ducati quickly gives the feeling of being able to tumble through the bends much faster, to brake and accelerate much earlier! Certainly, the engine braking and the inertia of the bi require a little attention when entering a curve, but the Italian is much more stable and precise. On the contrary, the Gex gives less confidence, especially in long acceleration where it is difficult to stall.

Under stress, the swinging arm of the Suz ‘waddles slightly where the single-sided Ducati remains unperturbed and allows you to grab a little head start. In the more technical sequences, the 848 is also doing better and ends up ensuring the "victory" to its pilot.

The superiority of the Italian over the Japanese is also palpable in the more technical sequences. Braking pressed on the angle just before plunging into a bend on the opposite angle demonstrates the greater neutrality of the front axle of the 848..

On the Gex, we feel in this case a slight stiffness of the fork and the sequence is less fluid. In addition, as the turns, we note a certain loss of precision and efficiency on the part of the Suz ‘brakes..

Here again, the same rider will move faster on the handlebars of the Ducati which seems lighter and livelier to handle, as well as more enduring..

As we have seen on the road, the straight line performances of the two rivals are perfectly identical, provided they are in the right gear. But in terms of sensations, motorcycles are aimed at very different types of bikers.

On the one hand, the Suzuki satisfies those who like to make their engine meow, but it also appeals to those who appreciate being able to err in a gear without suffering too much. Full at all speeds, the 4-cylinder Suz ‘will always propel the Gex and its pilot with vigor.

On the other hand, the Ducati satisfies fans of Haga, Bayliss or Fogarty depending on the generation: it is directly in the atmosphere of the World Superbike that the 848 plunges them with the hoarse growl of its pots interspersed with numerous gear changes..

These gear changes must indeed be sharp and precise, under penalty of leaving the range of use of the engine less extensive than on the Japanese. The sanction is immediate: too low, the engine tows with difficulty and too high, the switch calls to order. It is common when one just descends from Gex but fortunately, shiftlights guide the novice.

Small detail to highlight on the 848 and which can be annoying: its footrests are equipped at their end with small lugs on which the boots can slide. It will therefore be necessary to take care to place the soles of his feet carefully so as not to be unseated. !

This comparison therefore leaves no room for doubt: the Suzuki GSX-R 750 is an excellent sports car capable of taking you – very – quickly on any type of road, open or closed..

The all-purpose cycle part of this Gex, its engine both available and muscular, its significant protection and its well-placed price (€ 12,699) make it a terribly interesting motorcycle. Only the weak bite of its front brake and the tickling in the hands and feet slightly tarnish the board on the road.

On the track, the skills of the Japanese are excellent, but compared directly to those of the 848, there are slight deficiencies in agility and stability. We can’t be on top everywhere !

The Ducati 848, for its part, asks its owner many more concessions: uncomfortable in town and tiring on small roads, the Italian even pulls too long to work on the last gear on the expressway and its autonomy before reserve does not exceed the 200 km (about 230 km on the jap ‘).

On the other hand, as soon as its Diablo Dragon Supercorsa touch the track – BT 016s equip the Gex – the Ducati immediately gives a smile! As made up of a single block, the "mini 1198" transcends its Sunday driver into a potential world champion !

Everything is there: the Italian twin and its bewitching melody, the precise cycle part and the unusual look … All for 13,500 € in black, or 750 € less than the white or red versions and 4,490 € in less than the 1198. Mamma mia !

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