All Duels – The Two Big Routsters! – The (very) good deal or the first in the class?

The two big Routsters !

All Duels - The Two Big Routsters! - The (very) good deal or the first in the class?

No longer really roadsters but not quite road, the Honda CBF1000F and the Suzuki Bandit 1250S combine the advantages of these two categories to lead to a concept that is increasingly appreciated: road roadsters … or routsters! Duel.

The (very) good deal or the first in the class ?

Although relative, this seniority is also felt in the quality of construction of the GSF1250SA: despite a general finish without any real false note (except for the barrel of 103 RCX!), The Bandit accuses the blow in the face of the attention to detail shown by the Honda.

Cables and other unsightly electrical wires are better camouflaged on the CBF (thanks, in particular, to its more enveloping fairings) while the welds and adjustments do not raise any criticism. Visually, the Honda presents better and this impression is further reinforced by its more modern pencil stroke: by mixing the lines of the CBR600RR at the front and the CB1000R at the rear, the CBF1000F gains both in sportiness and seduction..

More classic and plump, the plastic of the Bandit 1250SA has lost its charm over time and deserves a few small injections of Botox to firm up its lines, like the facelift that Suzuki offered to its younger sister (read ).

Especially since the Suz ‘still has a say on many points, including practical aspects: with a trunk large enough to slide a small U or a chain, the two roadsters-GT also have practical lugs for secure luggage and levers adjustable in spacing.

However, if the Honda and Suzuki have adjustable preload suspensions and a window to control the oil level, the CBF wins the round of practicalities thanks to the better reception reserved for the passenger (more comfortable position and two accessible handles , against an impractical element to grasp with winter gloves on the Suz ‘), its more complete dashboard and the anti-theft security system with coded key.

One last victory which allows the CBF1000FA to win this comparison: more maneuverable, more comfortable and better equipped, the Honda is quite simply more modern and efficient than the valiant Bandit 1250SA. This does not prevent the Suzuki from making its rival tremble with each rotation of the accelerator: of course, the CBF is more homogeneous, but it will transport you from point A to point B without causing much emotion….

Heavier and slightly less rigorous in curves, the Bandit 1250SA has for it an undeniable additional motor soul with its "big like that" torque and its cheerful revivals! Finally, if the Suzuki turns out to be more attractive in terms of engine, it is also when it comes time to take out the checkbook: displayed at 8,999 euros (8,499 euros without ABS), the Bandit GSF1250SA costs 1,591 euros less than the CBF1000FA (10,590 euros).

This substantial saving will allow, for example, the owner of the Suzuki to insure his mount in all risks and to leave the dealership with a host of options such as a higher bubble (116 euros), a top box of 47 liters (172 euros ) and suitcases (287 euros) !

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