All Duels – Versys Vs V-Strom: two sure values ​​in times of crisis! – The ease of trail running

Versys Vs V-Strom: two safe values ​​in times of crisis !

All Duels - Versys Vs V-Strom: two sure values ​​in times of crisis! - The ease of trail running

It is in difficult times that we see who we can count on … Our two road trails of the day are perfect allies to face all situations: shortage, traffic jams, rain, etc. Test… against all odds !

The ease of trail running

Provided that one is not too "short on legs", the handling of the two machines is almost immediate. We happily find the upright, natural and comfortable position specific to trails. And even before having started their mechanics, the two Japanese give clues about their character and the atmosphere of the ride to come. !

The city: quiet !

The seat and the suspensions are firm aboard the Versys: we intuitively feel that she likes to play. In comparison, the V-Strom passes for a zen and comfortable machine. Its large fairing, its soft saddle and its soft suspensions immediately make it a friend as welcoming as it is reassuring..

With this natural ease, our two competitors are like fish in the water in town. We will nevertheless give a slight advantage to the V-Strom, particularly at ease thanks to its very powerful turning radius, its exemplary gearbox and the smoothness of its engine..

It’s a little rougher on board the Versys: a pity that Kawasaki did not take advantage of this new vintage to make its gearbox smoother. In addition, the in-line twin from the ER-6 is necessarily less flexible than the V-shaped one from the V-Strom.

The Greens’ twin will therefore require you to juggle a little more with the reports and sometimes play with the clutch. As a result, as the pilot does not doze as much on board the Versys, he tends to drive harder…

See and be seen

Fortunately, our two trails are equipped with handy warnings to be seen when pulling up queues of cars … even if, let us remember, the movement between the lines and the use of distress signals in these conditions are both forbidden !

Side mirrors, also advantage to the Suzuki: the V-Strom allows to see perfectly behind you thanks to its mirrors well spaced, wide and devoid of vibrations. Those of the Versys, cut in point, are certainly prettier but much less effective.

But the Versys can be forgiven by its braking more frank than that of the V-Strom. In absolute terms, the Suzuki brakes correctly, but the feeling is perfectible because of the little bite and the excessive diving of the fork..

The feeling is much more precise on the Kawasaki which brakes hard and fair. Remember that our two machines are equipped with optional ABS, invoiced 500 € at Suzuki and 600 at Kawasaki.

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