All Duels – Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans! – On the way: horses and torque!

Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans !

All Duels - Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans! - On the way: horses and torque!

A 1700 cc V4 or a 2.3-liter 3-legged: whatever the engine choice, the recent Yamaha Vmax and Triumph Rocket III Roadster proudly assume their excess. Test of two loud-mouthed monsters for experienced bikers… and well-off !

On the way: horses and torque !

Escape from the city quickly becomes a priority on the handlebars of the Vmax, as there is so little room to make the most of its psychopathic engine. !

Even limited by almost half of its power (106 hp in France instead of 200 in the free world!), This V4 of 1679 cc still has beautiful, very beautiful remains … Because if the restriction literally suffocates the mechanical after 7,000 rpm, there is still a huge torque below 6,000 rpm.

The French version thus comes close to 145.2 Nm at 5,000 rpm. And if this value may seem almost laughable compared to the 224 Nm available from 2,750 rpm on the Rocket, it is not the case with the handlebars in hand !

The two machines indeed have a very different way of delivering their torque: the English woman takes over with inexhaustible force while the Japanese seem almost hysterical in comparison! Even on the last report, the Vmax takes off like a bullet, sticking your eyes to the bottom of your sockets, all accompanied by a truly devilish sound..

Without mastering the power is nothing…

This turbulent side – almost unreasonable – of the Vmax remains above all of the order of the felt because chrono in hand, the soft Rocket has nothing to envy. If the Triumph accelerates so hard, it gives its rider a perfect feeling of control at all times. And the best part is that the cycle part is in unison !

Triumph has indeed succeeded in the prodigy of designing a very homogeneous motorcycle with a 2300 cc engine. Of course, this unit does not emit the same vocalizations as the other "small" 3-legs of 675 and 1050 cc of the English firm. It is even useless to go and provoke it in the towers, so much it shows itself available and vigorous from 1000 rpm.

As long as we remain fairly reasonable, the bike remains neutral and almost easy, even if its weight and engine inertia do not make the Rocket a "arsouilleuse".

And if he is doing much better than his elder brother – and above all less afraid! -, the Vmax is not the prince of excessive attack either: because of its weight and its cycle part geometry, it will not forgive the excess of optimism and approximations to which its fabulous can invite us V4…

The Vmax, its thing, is to smoke anything that rolls in a straight line. But even in this case and on dry ground, one could be surprised by evasions of the rear axle. The angry couple arrives with such a gnak on the rear wheel that the 200 mm tire is abused: enough to delight lovers of burns … and tire sellers !

Luckily, the Yamaha’s throttle grip – rear wheel linkage was successful thanks to a brilliant electronic throttle. With a little training, it allows you to keep very precise control of the engine, which is particularly appreciated in the wet. !

Further, longer

For those who wish to prolong the pleasure on long rides, we recommend the Rocket III Roadster and its large 24-liter tank: combined with an average consumption of 8.3 l / 100 km, it can greatly exceed 200 kilometers..

Regarding the Vmax, Yamaha wanted so much to stay in the spirit of the first version that it even kept the faults such as consumption and autonomy … With its 15-liter tank and its consumption greater than 9 l / 100 km, do not expect to travel more than 110/120 km before reserve.

In any case, the summary protection of the pilot will hardly encourage him to go further! The Triumph does not protect better, but its large catalog of accessories can almost turn it into a GT.

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