All Duels – Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans! – A man’s bike!

Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans !

All Duels - Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans! - A man's bike!

A 1700 cc V4 or a 2.3-liter 3-legged: whatever the engine choice, the recent Yamaha Vmax and Triumph Rocket III Roadster proudly assume their excess. Test of two loud-mouthed monsters for experienced bikers… and well-off !

Of a man’s bike !

If some motorcycles hide their game well, this is certainly not the case with our two mechanical monsters which clearly announce the color: their huge engines literally overflow their cycle parts, which are however largely oversized..

The Rocket is certainly bulkier with its monumental 2.3-liter block, but the Vmax is much more aggressive. Like its ancestor from the 80s, the new Vmax hesitates between roadster, custom and dragster, with a pinch of show-bike … And the finish is beautiful !

But the 2009 Vmax also gained a lot of volume: Yamaha did not just inflate the V4 with anabolics, it also bodybuilded the cycle part. Exit the 43 mm fork and the 150 mm rear tire: the Vmax is now based on a good big 52 mm fork and a 200 mm rubber tire !

Humility, humility…

Even for an experienced motorcyclist, settling for the first time on board such machines always provokes a little adrenaline rush! The Triumph is simply enormous and straightening out its 370 kg side stand is already a real exercise in itself. !

Because let’s be clear: this Rocket III has a Roadster only in name. The position of the pilot remains quite custom-made, with the feet still well forward and the arms wide apart by a slightly curved but very wide handlebars..

And fortunately this large handlebar is there, because combined with the very low center of gravity, it makes the bike relatively manoeuvrable despite its enormous tires of 150 mm at the front and 240 mm at the rear! Likewise, the saddle height – of only 759 mm – will reassure small riders.

"Vmax Touch"

For its part, the Vmax has a style of its own: the position of the pilot is more standard than on the Rocket, but the geometry and ergonomics of the machine are quite particular..

For example, the handlebars are narrow and flat like on a roadster, while the fork offers a very open angle of 32 ° like on a custom. Likewise, if the equipment is sporty, the disproportionate wheelbase (1700 mm!) And the weight are those of a big custom.

And if the Vmax is 105mm shorter than the Rocket, its wheelbase is 5mm longer! Which gives a truly unique motorcycle, like its predecessor, which takes pleasure in mixing genres.

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