All Essays – 690 Duke and 990 SMT: two oranges pressed in the sun … – Two oranges pressed in the sun …

690 Duke and 990 SMT: two oranges pressed in the sun…

All Tests - 690 Duke and 990 SMT: two oranges pressed in the sun ... - Two oranges pressed in the sun ...

We have tested two very wanton KTMs for you. This is not a head to head because there is no need to compare these two hybrids, but rather a joint test on roads as varied as they are extraordinary. Road book test !

Two oranges squeezed in the sun…

Our protagonists of the day present two different approaches to the concept of supermoto. If the SMs are themselves hybrids in themselves, a mix of off-road and road bikes, these two KTMs are mutant hybrids. Because each in its own way, they flirt with the limits of the supermotard.

The KTM 690 Duke is also presented as a roadster in the range of the Austrian manufacturer. As for the 990 SMT, it is closely derived from the 990 SM moth. But it has been modified to offer more comfort and versatility.

15 years of fun !

In 2009, the KTM Duke celebrates its 15th anniversary! As early as 1994, it was one of the first supermotards designed as such. Understand by this that this is not an enduro machine which has simply been grafted with 17-inch rims and a large front brake.

Particular care has been taken in the frame, suspensions and mechanics to optimize use on asphalt. Almost unchanged since 1999, the Duke came back to us in a new and even sharper form in 2008.

It inherits the new LC4 690 cc single cylinder which now boasts over 65 hp. Its equipment remains very high-end and its plastic evolves but remains as aggressive as ever.

T for Touring ?

All the lucky ones who have had the pleasure of trying the KTM 990 SM (or the 950 SM) will have fond memories of a machine that is consistent and bluffing efficiency.

But it’s a bike that also suffers from a few flaws inherent in the very concept of the supermoto: basic comfort, no protection, unlikely duo, limited practicalities, etc. However, with its new 990 SMT, KTM intends to fill these few gaps without compromising on sportiness.

For this, the SMT is equipped, among other things, with a real fork crown, a more comfortable double-stage saddle, a large luggage rack and is pre-equipped to receive side cases. All this hardware is supposed to give this brilliant machine the versatility it was lacking.

Benjamin LALO

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