All-terrain – Red Bull SX Video: Excitebike for real! –

SX Red Bull video: Excitebike for real !

All-terrain - Red Bull SX Video: Excitebike for real! -

The famous red bull energy drink has just offered its motocross riders a rather refreshing challenge: to cover a half-mile (800 m) track … in a straight line, as in Excitebike, the friendly video game of 80 years !

The readers of Site aged in – good – thirty years today will undoubtedly remember – and not without emotion! – the excellent Excitebike video game, released on Famicom in 1984 in Japan then on NES two years later in France…

The player embodied a pilot engaged in a motocross championship composed of straight-line races: a course which corresponded very well to the performance – weak – of the Nintendo console, but which was nothing off-putting..

Regulate the engine speed to finish the race as quickly as possible while limiting the overheating of the engine, negotiate bumps, whoops and other walls, send his opponents flying into the background by cutting them off the road, avoid falls and otherwise get excited on buttons A and B to get back on your bike as quickly as possible: the action was as intense as the route was straight !

30 years later, Red Bull innovates by offering the IRL ("In Real Life", as the geeks say) version of Excitebike to its in-house riders: Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin, James Stewart and his brother Malcolm, Cole Seely and Jessey Nelson and Justin Bogle all played the game !

The "Red Bull Straight Rhythm" took place on November 6 under the Californian sun, on a perfectly straight and half-mile long track (a little over 800 meters) which "loops" in a short minute, or the equivalent of a lap of Supercross. "Which driver was the fastest? Bah, everyone", dodges the organizer…

"Straight Rythm is a playground for the best of the best to let loose". However, this race between friends having no stake – except to promote their sponsor! -, James Stewart Himself declares not to have given everything…

"I could have done a lot more if it had been a real race"Bubba" blurted. And Red Bull seems to have received this 5 out of 5 remark: "a real Straight Rhythm competition? Interesting. Really interesting…"Could a new Supersport racing format be born? Business to follow: stay tuned !

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