All Tests – 2014 VFR800F Test: episode 6, the legend continues! – Back to a myth

VFR800F 2014 test: episode 6, the legend continues !

All Tests - 2014 VFR800F Test: episode 6, the legend continues! - Back to a myth

Twelve years after the arrival of the VFR 800 VTEC, here is finally the new generation of the legendary Honda sport-road motorcycle. Lighter, sleeker, better equipped and still as high-tech as ever, this rolling legend holds its place perfectly. ! Test.

Back to a myth

In 2014, the VFR celebrates its 28 years of existence. Thanks to its legendary reliability and its impressive sales volumes, the VFR is a real institution in the world of motorcycles (read in particular our).

Since 1986, "more than 39,000 VFR "(750, 800 EFI and 800 VTEC combined) were sold in France, a success counting for many in the reputation of excellence that many bikers give to the winged crest.

According to Honda, they would still be "more than 75,000"in circulation throughout Europe, some of which have high mileage – MNC can attest to this -, especially those equipped with the indestructible distribution by cascade of pinions. For the record, no less than five generations of VFR – one every four years – have followed one another between 1986 and 2002.

But for 12 years nothing, except a small – and necessary! – aiming to make it more transparent. Therefore, when the landed in 2010, it seemed logical to think that the small 800 would quickly leave the range..

In reality, it will not be: despite this "fratricidal" competition, the VFR800 continues its career as if nothing had happened, its positioning more sporty than its big sister perhaps explaining this double offer … Unless that it is not the consequence of the relative commercial failure of the first version VFR1200 (instead of the 1500 planned, then only) ?

Still, Honda delivers us in this spring 2014 a beautiful and truly new VFR800F: a surprise capable of delighting a large number of "vehementists" … and of worrying a lot of competitors, such as the news, the, the or there, not to mention the "cousin" !

Difficult to touch a legend

It is always very difficult to tackle a model as emblematic as the VFR … Japanese engineers had to develop the bike while maintaining this unique mix between sportiness and road skills that makes so many bikers happy. Let’s reassure the fans right away: the original spirit is well and truly preserved … and faith of MNC, it is even sublimated !

Obviously, the high-tech side that has always been attached to this bike is preserved, through a few cleverly distilled innovations. Honda puts forward three axes of work: to gain weight, to catch up with the technological delay compared to recent motorcycles and to dress the beautiful to make it – again – more desirable.

Regarding the slimming cure, the decrease is established at 7 kg including 5 gained by replacing the characteristics of the silencers under the saddle appeared on the 2002 version by an exhaust in low position (as on the VFR800FI). Another advantage of this changeover: in summer, passengers will no longer have their buttocks on fire at each stop! The other two kilos gained come from replacing steel with aluminum on the rear loop.

Despite this high speed, the VFR800F and its 782cc V4 show 239 kg on the Honda scale, a weight that may seem high depending on the angle from which it is viewed: the F800GT takes advantage for example of its engine architecture (parallel twin) to display at 213 kg, while the Fazer8 and Z1000SX are respectively announced – with ABS – at 220 kg and 231 kg despite their in-line 4-cylinder.

But compared with the 245 kg of the CBF1000F – however less streamlined than the VFR – and especially the 268 kg (!) All full made of the Sprint GT – of higher displacement, of course, but with one cylinder less! -, it appears that Honda perfectly fulfills its objective of bringing its motorcycle back to an honorable weight threshold.

Especially since this sixth opus comes standard with new equipment such as traction control, an adjustable saddle and heated grips, therefore necessarily extra weight. MNC provides an update on all the changes of the VFR800F 2014, its new tools and especially their impact on driving on the following page (s) !

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