All Tests – 2015 Versys 1000 Test: Kawasaki does an about-face – Kawasaki Versys 1000: what’s my face?

2015 Versys 1000 test: Kawasaki does an about-face

All Tests - 2015 Versys 1000 Test: Kawasaki does an about-face - Kawasaki Versys 1000: what's the fuck?

In 2012, Kawasaki launched a surprising Versys 1000 with its trail-izing cycle part and its large in-line 4-cylinder. Dynamically convincing, its aesthetics and certain practical aspects had to be reviewed. It’s done. Test.

Kawasaki Versys 1000: what the hell ?

First of all, let’s give back to JCO what belongs to JCO: under the impetus of the late Jean-Claude Olivier, Yamaha was indeed the first motorcycle manufacturer to have housed a rowdy 4-in-line in an off-road motorcycle. . It was in 1986, for the Paris Dakar.

Versys 1000: availability, colors and price

  • Availability: mid-January 2015 in the

  • Colors: white "Stardust", black "Spark / Ebony" or orange "Candy Burnt"

  • Price: 12 699 €

25 years later, it was Kawasaki’s turn to innovate and surprise: Akashi’s firm indeed disconcerted visitors to the show by applying the principle of the long-legged ER-6 – called Versys 650 – to its Z1000 maxi-roadster…

The idea was indeed enough to leave dubious to say the least: combining the 4-cylinder in-line of a maxi-roadster with rather long-travel suspensions (150 mm at the front as at the rear) was it sensible from a commercial point of view ?

Presented to the press in the wake of the Italian show, this Versys 1000 finally convinced the Site thanks to its engine as supple as it is angry, its well-balanced chassis, its appreciable comfort and its efficient piloting assistance (ABS and KTRC) and delivered from series (reread our).

At the same time, MNC regretted the presence of mid-range vibrations and the absence of a center stand and storage spaces … Finally, the "sinister but almost" face of this new Kawasaki had surprised us, for not not say disappointed…

Like the “six-fifty”, the Versys “mille” stood out clearly from the rest of Iwata’s production. However, Kawasaki’s bias turned out to be counterproductive, since the maxi-trail achieved much lower sales scores than the Z1000 – from which it came – and its road cousin Z1000SX…

For 2015, Kawasaki has therefore decided to do an about-face (read our). The Greens also announce that "the new dual headlight design contributes to the strong Kawasaki image, while reflecting the Versys 1000’s enormous potential for sporty driving pleasure".

In the color "Orange Candy Burnt"proposed to us for this press presentation, the new sharp lines of its semi-fairing as well as the numerous aerodynamic appendages that make up its new front face are remarkably underlined.

Expected by some customers, regretted by others, commented by all – in particular on the Journal moto du Net -, this turnaround of Kawa is not limited to a radical facelift and facelift..

The finest observers will, for example, have noted the new dressing of the pot, more elegant than the previous black. On the other hand, the bottom of the tachometer painted black in 2015 is happier than the brown one in 2012….

A unique element, a gear indicator light can be installed as an option. Identical to the one proposed on the, it is off-center on the right of the on-board console, but its red color and its brightness make it perfectly readable.

At the other end of the table – all the way left! – can be added a 12 V socket which allows you to connect your GPS or smartphone (40 W max). In the middle, the digital screen gives access to the same many information…

Directly via the left handlebar stalk, the pilot scrolls through odometer, trips A and B, instantaneous and average consumption, autonomy and time. It can also choose to display the outside temperature or that of the engine.

The speed and the fuel level are indicated continuously on the screen, as are the engine mapping modes (Full or Low) and those of the KTRC (traction control) which are renewed and still on board as standard on the large Versys. (ABS also included).

Originally fitted from this year only, the luggage racks integrated into the passenger handles take up the mechanism – devilishly simple and efficient – of those discovered on the 2014 Z1000SX (read our).

"The new attachment system for optional cases adopts a resolutely modern and integrated look because the rear part of the Versys 1000 is as beautiful with as without the cases.", rightly insists Kawasaki France in its argument.

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