All Tests – 2015 Versys 650 Test: Kawasaki brings out the big guns – Sporty look, road equipment

2015 Versys 650 test: Kawasaki pulls out the big guns

All Tests - 2015 Versys 650 Test: Kawasaki brings out the big guns - Sporty look, road equipment

The third version of the Versys 650 presented in Cologne will enter service at the beginning of 2015. Five years after correcting its shooting, Kawasaki this time leaves the heavy artillery … Site reviewed the Kawa road trail: guard to him !

Sporty look, road equipment

Unveiled at the Intermot 2014 show in Cologne, the new Versys 650 and 1000 will land in Kawasaki dealerships in a month and have just been presented to journalists from the European specialist press, including Site of course! First to be tested: the 650…

Versys 650: availability, colors and price

  • Availability: mid-January 2015 in the

  • Colors: white, black or yellow

  • Price: € 7,290 (ABS + € 400)

The "little" Versys awaits us in the courtyard of our Sicilian hotel located at the foot of Mount Etna. Five years have passed since our, and three since our. And it’s crazy how the Kawa has changed !

In 2015, the Ninjas actually decided to make the cut: the plump face of the previous model gives way to a very sharp mouth: "the new styling of the headlights helps to reinforce its belonging to the Kawasaki family, while reflecting its sporty and fun potential", justifies Kawasaki.

Already in 2010, the Versys 650 had captured the sharp LED tail light. This year, its fork head is extrapolated from that of the and the mandibles housed under its slanted "eyes" evoke the wings of the prestigious .

After having deliberately sought to stand out – dekawasakier! – the style of its Versys (650 and 1000), Kawasaki therefore opted for "a return to the sporting and aggressive DNA of the brand", explains Antoine Coulon, Marketing Director at Kawasaki France..

But beware: if the "100% road trail" of Kawasaki in 2015 takes on the air of sport, there is no question of making it a rival of the "sporty road" ER-6f, also derived from the bestseller of the Greens in France, the ER-6n roadster.

For us – and for you! – to spread the message, Kawasaki Europe has taken care to equip our test Versys with many accessories, 11 of which will make up the future "Tourer +" pack (between the "Tourer" and the "Grand Tourer", see the detailed lists of the three packs offered by Kawasaki on the fourth page).

Thus "our" white Versys n ° 21 – identical in all points to the Versys of our esteemed colleagues, no favoritism! – is notably equipped with hand guards, new additional LED lights, a pair of suitcases and a gear indicator engaged.

So many accessories that MNC will have the leisure to test, in addition to the many changes made to this new Versys (read our). For this, Kawasaki offers us to make a loop of about 160 km on the east and north sides of Etna….

"The mercury dropped below 3 ° C during our taxiing yesterday", warn us the Greens who, far-sighted and thoughtful, had the chic idea of ​​installing heated grips on our machines. If the temperatures are expected to be cool, the Versys, MNC – and its readers – are hot: Avanti !

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