All Tests – 690 Duke and 990 SMT: two oranges pressed in the sun … – KTM, 1st on fun

690 Duke and 990 SMT: two oranges pressed in the sun…

All Tests - 690 Duke and 990 SMT: two oranges pressed in the sun ... - KTM, 1st on fun

We have tested two very wanton KTMs for you. This is not a head to head because there is no need to compare these two hybrids, but rather a joint test on roads as varied as they are extraordinary. Road book test !

KTM, 1st on fun

Our little trip will therefore have taken us along some really fabulous roads for a week, those kinds of roads that stick the banana under your helmet, whatever machine you are driving. But riding these two turbulent Austrians, we are even closer to motorcyclist nirvana !

The new SMT will hurt the competition a lot: it manages to combine versatility with excellence! By putting a little water in its wine, KTM has succeeded in making its 990 a machine which is perfectly usable in everyday life, but also suitable for travel and maximum attack. A hell of a pavement in the pond! All that remains is to adopt ABS to make it THE universal motorcycle.

For its part, the Duke does not aim for consensus. He’s a scoundrel for scabies! Whether KTM’s marketing department likes it or not, its 690 remains above all a supermotard more than a roadster. But by taking care of its comfort in the saddle and improving its autonomy, it is able to offer a greater number of services with a joy of living at all times.

There remains the financial part which tarnishes the picture a little. The Duke charges dearly for its single cylinder at € 8,950. It is the same for the SMT, which monetizes its many qualities against 12 390 €.

Criteria 690 Duke 990 SMT
Aesthetics and finish 9/10 7/10
Engine and transmission approval 11/15 13/15
Performances 7/10 8/10
Sound 3/5 3/5
Road holding and stability 9/10 9/10
Agility and maneuverability 10/10 9/10
Braking 9/10 9/10
Comfort and protection 4/10 8/10
Duo 4/10 8/10
Practical aspects 2/5 4/5
Consumption and autonomy 4/5 3/5
Total / 100 72/100 81/100
Total / 20 14.4 / 20 16.2 / 20

Table comments: This is a real hit for the 990 SMT! Despite its exclusivity, the Duke can also boast a very nice score thanks to its inimitable look and playful temperament..

Benjamin LALO

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