All Tests – California 1400 Touring Test: Cruising machine! – The eagle takes height

California 1400 Touring test: Cruising machine !

All Tests - California 1400 Touring Test: Cruising machine! - The eagle takes height

Alluring at will, the California 1400 from Moto Guzzi seduces at first glance with its new design combining tradition and modernism. In-depth technical review, it perpetuates the legend of the Mandello del Lario eagle. Test !

The eagle takes height

Marketed in 1971, after winning the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in 1970 ahead of national brands, the California is the most emblematic model of the Italian brand Moto Guzzi. It has since sold more than 100,000 units, all generations (7) and engines combined (750, 800, 1000, 1100 cc).

Availability, colors and prices

  • Availability: immediate

  • Colors: Black or White

  • Price: 19 390 €

The stakes were therefore high at the time of launching this eighth generation. Rather than go easy by simply equipping the previous California with the 1150 cc engine, traction control and a Ride-by-Wire electronic throttle – which would have been a major development in itself – Moto Guzzi has decided to start from an (almost) blank page.

This is what Miguel Galluzzi, head of the advanced design center of the Piaggio Group based in Pasadena, California explains: "The California 1400 is the point of balance between tradition and future for the Moto Guzzi brand. Its design is reminiscent of Californian style, with clean tank lines, cruiser handlebars, the Touring model’s chrome passenger grab bar and long mudguards.".

"The lines of the tank and the saddle converge in the center of the bike, forming a virtual cross, typical of previous models", describes the transalpine designer."At the same time, the California had to be more modern, more comfortable and welcoming, rich and sumptuous than before.".

This is why Moto Guzzi has chosen to equip its 2013 novelty with a 6-inch rear rim and fit it with a 200 mm wide tire! Similarly, the Italians have made a front light with LED RDL (Daylight Running Lights) inspired by the latest automotive productions..

"It’s a bit as if this lighthouse wanted to illuminate the road that opens in front of Moto Guzzi, in a new light, brighter and more illuminating.", ignites about him Miguel Galluzzi

"We have also decided to highlight the lines of the magnificent 90 ° V-Twin even more, by literally making it emerge from the tank in order to express the character and power it can demonstrate. This explains the particular shape of the tank sides, which does not hide the cylinder heads.".

"From a dynamic point of view, it is a motorcycle offering a pleasure and a unique ease of driving in its category. From a design point of view, it is clear that the attention to detail and the apparent build quality make this bike one of the most successful bikes in its segment. This is a genuine Italian motorcycle, 100% Moto Guzzi, hand built in the factory in Mandello del Lario. A model of design and functionality", concludes the Italian manager.

This enthusiasm is obviously shared by Romano Albesiano, head of the Piaggio group’s technical center in Italy: "Historically, the California has always been a motorcycle appreciated for its comfort and roadability.", he recalls in the introduction.

This heritage, Moto Guzzi wanted to transcribe it in this brand new model, which has yet "nothing to do with its predecessors", assures the manufacturer!"It’s the California of the new millennium, a modern motorcycle that sets a new standard in the maxi cruiser segment"he hears.

It is clear that the ritals put all their heart to the work: "its engine is completely new and took us more than three years of study to determine the ideal definition. This is the biggest European V-Twin and the most imposing engine we have ever produced at Moto Guzzi", says Signore Albesiano.

"It benefits greatly from the experience brought by the Piaggio group in electronic management.", underlines the Italian boss,"with the adoption of a Ride-by-Wire acceleration system, several adjustable injection maps, adjustable traction control, cruise control and a dual-channel ABS system".

"However, the technological contributions do not stop there", continues the unstoppable manager of the Guzzi technical center!"We now use an elastic mounting of the motor in the frame. An exclusive system patented by Moto Guzzi"…

In order to limit – "eliminate", even claims the manufacturer! – the jolts and oscillations of the large twin-cylinder mounted in transverse position,"we have designed an engine mounting system using three connecting rods and two silent-blocks", explains Romano Albesiano.

"For this reason,. The engine therefore no longer contributes to the rigidity of the chassis, as was previously the case.", he concludes."We had to close the frame with a double cradle and optimized this structure using materials which were calculated with a FEM system (finite element method). Our system is different from those used by our competitors and it works perfectly". This is what Site will verify…

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