All Tests – Contact Husaberg 570 FS: the crazy toy! – Used HUSABERG

Husaberg 570 FS contact: the crazy toy !

All Tests - Contact Husaberg 570 FS: the crazy toy! - Used HUSABERG

Knowing the Husaberg 650 FSE in road rallies, we expected a continuity in the exclusive with this new 570 FS … Bingo! This bike is an exception, something apart … Sensations guaranteed … and approved ! Report of an escapade.

When Julien Toniutti, Site team pilot during the last Dark Dog Tour (read our), calls me to announce that he is coming to see us at the Rallye des Volcans "with the new Husaberg", I already feel a good bit of a motorcycle after the race (read our)…

A real premonition! After the post-prize-giving meal in the team’s truck, Julien cuts his dessert short, impatient to go and play with his new tool … Pierre Mouneu, who has experience with the Husaberg 650 FSE in the French championship of road rallies, do not beg to put on your leather again … and here are our three friends left to put a layer on the volcanic route !

Julien, arrived at the start of the rally’s night stage, took my wheel in the loop behind me, like a tourist. But seeing him also euphoric at each stop (time or passage checks) made me think that this machine really looked particularly fun…

State of play

And that, to be funny, it is: a 117kg dry toy, as thin as a racing bike and with a particularly beautiful radical line. !

Equipped as if it came out of a race preparation (tubeless kit for the wheels, 310 mm disc at the front, Magura radial brake, Magura hydraulic clutch, WP suspensions, 48-inch fork), it’s serious.

The positioning of the engine is surprising: tilted 70 ° forward, it is downright the entire mill which is tilted in order to confuse the rotating mass of the crankshaft with the center of gravity of the motorcycle and reduce the inertia of the machine to the maximum.

On the cockpit side, we do in the street legal : turn signal indicator, high beam indicator, reserve indicator (about 150 km of range, interesting for a mono), speedometer and trip master, all digital (which also indicates the operating time of the motorcycle, useful for careful maintenance).

For about twenty euros, the option "potentiometric wheel" housed near the meter allows you to select different ignition curves (flexible, medium or violent). A non-negligible option for use in conditions of minimum grip, for which the "flexible" position allows optimum use of the engine. Finally, the general finish is neat. In short, it makes you want to ride !

Alignment … and take off !

By getting on the machine, we climb squarely on a ‘competent’ supermot! Ditto for getting started, which comes down to a brief press on the magic red button: no key or on / off button !

From the first turns of the wheels, it smells of liveliness! Ah well, the handlebars are a little too far back! Normal, the saddles are adjustable and obviously they are at the rear maxi on our bike. Small concern also at the first action on the brake pedal: the control in question is tiny and not very accessible, but you just have to get used to it and the problem is forgotten.

The driving position furiously encourages attack: the front is short, we have our nose on the road … Racing !

The accelerations are straightforward. Linear, but straightforward. And it grows hairy, to the point of hardly being able to stay with the front wheel on the ground during the first three reports !

I change the gears on the fly in a good constant thrust until the 6, a little long (too much?), Which gently takes the machine to more than 180 km / h. But the motorcycle does not move, a real rail! Astonishing, when you see the beast’s agility in turns, stable in a straight line at high speed, as with a super long wheelbase but very agile in changing angles and taking tight turns, as if its wheelbase had suddenly become short … This is mainly due to the magic of the absence of inertia, but you had to think about it…

The braking is strong, a little violent even, and it will be necessary to take it easy on the lever…

In short, it’s a toy. And what a toy! Compared to Pierre Mouneu’s 2005 model 650 FSE, which is much more elite and difficult to take along, "It’s day and night !", summarizes Moon after a short ride on the 570 FS Moon (easy, one is white and the other black, Editor’s note!).

Julien is more talkative: "this 570 is the supermoto of the decade! You really feel a huge difference in agility with a usual supermot ‘machine, with zero inertia it’s really the foot: you can throw it as you want when entering a turn, you straighten it as you wish! A little gas and presto, her nose is in the air! We pass two reports, we put it down and crack, we leave where we put our eyes … A treat, really a treat"…

An easy and efficient motorcycle, therefore, but also a revolutionary "push to attack" within the reach of ordinary pilots! In a few kilometers on its handlebars, I regained my desire for the attack of yesteryear (yes, well, the 90s are not that far!). In short, a real rally motorcycle ready to use: right out of the box, it has all the assets to get on a rally podium. !

The selling price can certainly make you cough a little … but at 9,880 euros, there is nothing to add to go tease the clock! Possibly the small ignition switch at 20 euros or even a small electronic box provided in adaptable form, said box being able to enter the programming of the injection: connected to a PC, we have the visual of the acquired curves and the possibility of modifying the opening time data. At 500 euros the option, we enter the world of the perfect little perfectionist !

But for information, any mono prepared in the hair for the rally easily exceeds 10,000 euros all inclusive…

Thanks to Ludovic Roux from Husaberg France in Saint-Priest for making this fabulous toy available to us and to Gerard for the technique !

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