All Tests – Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? – In pursuit of the Tmax …

The new Honda SW-T400 at the Tmax aspiration ?

All Tests - Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? - In pursuit of the Tmax ...

The only twin cylinder among 400 cc maxiscooters, the Silver Wing 400 gave way in 2009 to the SW-T400. By polishing the dynamic behavior of its scooter and radically transforming its lines, does Honda have the means to worry the Tmax ? Test.

In pursuit of Tmax…

Launched in 2006, the Honda Silver Wing 400 maxi scooter was similar to a Silver Wing 600 "Junior": same chassis, same plastic and same engine architecture. Only the displacement and the absence of ABS – oh yes, the price too! – differentiated them (read our).

In three years therefore, 2,438 French bikers – holders of the A license – have purchased a Silver Wing 400, placing the Honda scooter in second place on the podium for sales of maxiscoots 400, ahead of the Yamaha Majesty (2,102 registrations) but behind the Suzuki Burgman (3,090).

In the end, the sales of the "small" Silver Wing can be qualified as relatively good … or relatively poor, depending on the comparison criteria..

Thus, compared to the "big" Silver Wing whose sales never took off in France (399 over the period studied), the 400 is doing very honorably. A finding that the results of European maxiscooters tend to prove: in 2008, the Aprilia Atlantic 500, Piaggio X8 400 and Peugeot Satelis 400 and 500 sold respectively 75, 123, 143 and 217 units..

But compared to the results of the "king" Tmax (13,174 registrations in France over the past three years!), The conclusion is quite different … The Silver Wing 400 nevertheless had a good card in its game: while the Yamaha 400 and Suzuki are equipped with monos, the Honda 400 – like the Tmax – benefited from a twin cylinder !

But an overly demure look and indented dynamic performance kept the Silver Wing 400 from competing with the bestselling Yamaha. And it was not the wave of Piaggio MP3 LT and the arrival of the new Majesty 400 that would fix Honda’s business….

On the strength of these observations, the engineers of the winged brand seem to have made the decision to put themselves "in tune" (huh huh) with the expectations of their customers, especially French..

On the program: total makeover, addition of ABS to the CBS system, improved comfort and stiffened front axle for more rigor at high and low speed (read).

Will these developments allow Honda to see sales of its 400 explode as did those of the Tmax in the early 2000s? First elements of response immediately with our test, while awaiting the verdict of the market reports Site

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