All Tests – Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? – Fast and secure

The new Honda SW-T400 at the Tmax aspiration ?

All Tests - Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? - Fast and secure

The only twin cylinder among 400 cc maxiscooters, the Silver Wing 400 gave way in 2009 to the SW-T400. By polishing the dynamic behavior of its scooter and radically transforming its lines, does Honda have the means to worry the Tmax ? Test.

Fast and secure

Ease is also required on faster roads: on the twisty departmental roads of the Nice hinterland, the SW-T400 demonstrates very consistent road behavior..

The suspensions erase the majority of imperfections and only poorly negotiated potholes undermine the rear shocks. The front axle effectively benefits from the gain in rigidity compared to its previous version and the 14-inch front wheel opens the road in a reassuring manner..

The good times of the twin helping, the pace accelerates as the kilometers. We appreciate the grip of the Bridgestone Hoops and the more confident will even end up scraping the central stand! In "normal" use, the ground clearance will however be largely sufficient..

On the motorway, the water mill continues to gallop and reaches 130 km / h "counter" at 7,000 rpm, ie 2,000 revolutions before the red zone. Long journeys at high speed do not frighten the SW-T400, nor its pilot, who always enjoys excellent comfort..

At high speed, the bubble completely protects the shoulders of the pilot who, as long as he tucks his head slightly, is completely isolated from the wind. No tackling against the dashboard and no vibration in the feet, buttocks or hands: top !

The legs are also well protected: the pants beat in the wind but the latter does not rush through the bottom. Would the latest Honda be just as perfect on the highway? No: if you look carefully, you end up detecting a slight lack of stability on the connections – coarse, it is true – of the viaducts … But you really have to look !

The long handlebars oscillate for a moment, the trajectory widens a few centimeters but the pilot is not endangered so far. He just needs to be attentive and not get carried away by the pleasant sound of the pot and the handling that had been very satisfactory until then..

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