All Tests – Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? – … and financial

The new Honda SW-T400 at the Tmax aspiration ?

All Tests - Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? - ... and financial

The only twin cylinder among 400 cc maxiscooters, the Silver Wing 400 gave way in 2009 to the SW-T400. By polishing the dynamic behavior of its scooter and radically transforming its lines, does Honda have the means to worry the Tmax ? Test.

… and financial

Price level, the SW-T400 is available today at the same price as its predecessor, or € 5,990. For the ABS version (the red color will only be imported in the standard version and in very small quantities), you have to pay 600 € more, or 6 590 €.

Tariffs which place the new Honda 200 € below the new Yamaha Majesty 400, 200 € above the Suzuki Burgman 400 and 300 € above the Peugeot Satelis 400 cc.

But beware, "these are introductory prices valid until March 31", warns Sebastien Pernel, press manager of Honda France. Afterwards, the price of the SW-T400 should"increase significantly", so that the SW-T400 will undoubtedly become the most expensive of the maxiscooters 400.

But the game is worth the candle, as the twin cylinder of the SW-T400 is both vigorous and measurable, its cycle part reassuring and its C-ABS braking reassuring. Excellent scooter, what the SW-T400 lacks most when hunting in the lands of Tmax – "dear" to French users and their wallets – is perhaps the charisma…

It is up to Honda to build, as Yamaha has done, a rewarding and strong image of its maxiscoot. Via a road rally engagement or an advertising campaign as nice as that of the Fury in the United States (read)? Case to follow … Stay connected !

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