All Tests – Honda CBR600F first test: a Hornet with Fireblade sauce – A brief Honda history on the CBR600F

Honda CBR600F first test: a Hornet with Fireblade sauce

All Tests - Honda CBR600F first test: a Hornet with Fireblade sauce - A brief Honda history on the CBR600F

Surprised guest at the press launch of the new Honda CBR600F, the rain prevented the Site from having fun … but not from working! In fact, the bad weather even allowed us to better understand this faired 2011 Hornet.. First contact.

A brief Honda history on the CBR600F

1987-1988 CBR600F (model H / J)
The original CBR600F, the one by which an exceptional level of performance arrived in the mid-displacement category. It’s also the one that built the reputation of the CBR600F for its versatility and efficiency. (For the record, Hirofumi Fukunaga was already in the game, sketching the design of the chassis. He had also set up a private team and entered a CBR600F at the 8 hours of Suzuka, his pilots finishing in a superb 6th place, Editor’s note)

1989-1990 CBR600F (K / L model)
More powerful, the 1989/1990 version allows the CBR600F to consolidate its reference position in the sports category of the time.

1991-1994 CBR600F (model M / N / P / R)
A completely new engine architecture significantly reduces internal friction for more power. A new chassis keeps a perfect balance of dynamic qualities.

1995-1998 CBR600F (S / T / V / W model)
The first CBR600F to adopt the Ram Air intake system, this version is the archetypal steel-framed mid-size sports car. It remains particularly competitive today in its role as a sport-oriented roadster.

1999-2000 CBR600F (X / Y model)
The CBR600F enters the 20th century with a new engine and aluminum frame. The press reception is rave, like its commercial success. (Between 1987 and 2003, 23,000 CBR600F were sold in France, or one tenth of global sales, Editor’s note)

2001-2003 CBR600F and CBR600FS Sport (model 1/2/3)
For the first time, two versions of the CBR600F are available, the CBR600F Sport being more intended for use on the circuit (The Rossi Replica of the F Sport in 2002 is there to prove it, Editor’s note). Both machines have PGM-FI electronic fuel injection.

2011: New CBR600F
The CBR600F is back with a powerful and usable powertrain derived from that of the CBR600RR and a cast aluminum Mono-Backbone frame. (In truth, this is a streamlined Hornet that skillfully capitalizes on the name of CBR600F, Editor’s note)

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