All Tests – Kymco MyRoad 700i Test: attacking GT maxiscooters – A good endowment of equipment

Kymco MyRoad 700i review: attacking GT maxiscooters

All Tests - Kymco MyRoad 700i Test: attacking GT maxiscooters - A good endowment of equipment

After four long years of gestation, the Kymco My Road 700 is finally making its appearance on the GT maxi scooter market. Site was able to try it in preview in the vicinity of Nice during its official presentation to the press. Test.

A good endowment of equipment

In terms of equipment, the My Road 700i gives itself the means to fulfill its ambitions. It has in particular a Bosch ABS braking system as standard, as well as an electric adjustment of the hardness of the front and rear suspensions, controlled from a contact in the right hand..

Three modes are available and displayed on the instrument panel: S for Soft, M for Medium and H for Hard. A significant advantage when you have to carry a passenger or to navigate on roads with variable surfaces.

The on-board instrumentation is complete and legible, with a tachometer and tachometer enclosing a digital dial that displays the fuel tank level, the time, the odometer and the suspension setting chosen. Two groups of warning lights are placed on each side, displaying various information (ABS warning light, change to fuel reserve, injection, oil level, etc.). A water temperature gauge is also integrated into the tachometer.

The commodos are standard and retain a manual switching on of the headlights and a pilot position. On the right hand, we note the presence of a trigger of the headlight on the index, an ignition switch, the starter and the electric suspension adjustment control. For its part, the left hand manages the horn, the indicators and the code / headlight inverter. Note in passing that the two brake levers are adjustable in spacing (4 positions).

The proposed load capacity is good, with a trunk under the saddle accepting two full-face helmets, a small non-lockable storage compartment on the left of the apron and a second at the end of the saddle.

Small flat all the same: some full-face helmets of large size prevent the closing of the saddle when they are positioned in the rear part of the trunk. Finally, given the relative width of the rear axle, a larger trunk width would no doubt have been possible, allowing wider objects to be accommodated therein..

Initially planned with an electronic key system of the "Smart Key" type, the My Road 700i finally has a classic multifunction switch, but equipped with a burglar-proof lock concealment system. It opens the saddle and the fuel tank access hatch, located on the right of the apron. On the left of this switch, a manual control enables the automatic deployment of the passenger footrests..

Two crutches are obviously available, as well as a parking brake for parking downhill on the side. On the other hand, the positioning of this parking brake control, at the bottom and to the right of the apron, is not optimum..

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