All Tests – Musclor Junior – Used PEUGEOT

Musclor Junior

All Tests - Musclor Junior - Used PEUGEOT

Riding on the success of its Satelis 125 scooter, Peugeot is launching a Compressor version: for 700 € more, the K15 is accessible to motorists while a 20 hp version will try to win over the A licenses. Is the game worth it? ? Test.

The biker accustomed to large engines generally perceives the scooter only as an object of everyday life, without particular interest: practical and not too expensive, of course, as can be a toothbrush or a coffee maker, but without this sex appeal. nor that extra soul specific to motorcycles…

It is therefore with a certain circumspection that we discover the "muscular" version of the new Peugeot Satelis 125 scooter equipped with a compressor: the Peugeot Satelis Compressor … A 125 scooter is still going on, but with a compressor, what for ? Direction the splendid Douro Valley, in Portugal, where Peugeot has chosen to present its new muscular kid to the European press…

Mesao Frio (Portugal), 06/21/2006 – Peugeot Satelis 125 Compressor test Video Site.

Riding on the commercial success of its new Satelis 125 scooter (read), Peugeot indeed offers a more muscular version equipped with a compressor, revised and corrected compared to the one fitted to the Jet Force.

Two versions more exactly, because the Satelis 125 Compressor, which should be available in concession at the start of the school year, is available in 15 horsepower (K15, accessible to motorists with the equivalent license B) or in 20 horsepower (K20, reserved for A licenses ).

15 or 20 horses

"The compressor supercharges the engine with air and gasoline", recalls the Peugeot Motocycles technician:"the air pressure at the engine inlet thus drops from 0.9 to 1.9 bar, but the air first passes through the radiator to be cooled. By being linked to the crankshaft, the compressor rotates exactly like the engine and its compression ratio is a function of the engine speed: on acceleration, the speed of air inlet into the circuit is increased to increase the filling pressure and at deceleration, a valve is used to discharge the air".

Hence the pleasant little whistle, turbine style fighter jet, which is superimposed on the sound of the engine while driving.

The Satelis K15 develops 15 horsepower (11 kW), which is exactly the same power as the standard Satelis 125 (read) but at lower revs: the maximum power appears from 7,700 rpm for the Compressor version, while it is necessary to wait for the Maximum theoretical speed (9,750 rpm) on the Standard version.

As for the Satelis K20, it develops 20 hp (15 kW) at 8,500 rpm and therefore exceeds the maximum power limit for the equivalent license B (15 hp).

Visually, the two versions of the Satelis Compressor (K15 and K20) stand out straight away from their basic namesake, thanks to the presence of two massive air inlets on the rear flanks. "Racing" spirit requires !

More trunk for less trunk…

Everything else is the same, apart from the distribution (two valves on the Compressor against four on the standard version) and the seat under the seat which is reduced on the Compressor version due to the air filter: the storage capacity goes from two full-face helmets on the basic version to one on the Compressor.

As on the standard version (read), the quality of some parts leaves something to be desired: the handlebar storage compartment, in particular, is a bit cheap and even opened up while driving during our test. But "several parts will be changed on future models"promises Frederic Bart, head of public relations at Peugeot Motocycles: the access hatches to the spark plugs, the handlebar and side pockets should be reinforced with thicker plastics.

For obvious reasons of production costs, "the frame, ergonomics and overall architecture were calculated for both the 125, the 250 and the 500 ", specifies Peugeot:"the fork diameter on the Compressor is the same as the standard Satelis (37mm), but the front and rear suspension tuning has been changed on the K15 and K20 versions compared to the base model and we have beefed up the AR suspension (Païoli shock absorber) with a connecting rod".

Electronic side, housed under the driver’s seat, "all the mapping has been modified on the Compressor version because it also manages the compressor power supplyAn air temperature sensor at the engine inlet has also been added..

Between the K15 and K20 versions, only the mapping and the wiring harness differ but it will be "too much hassle to switch versions alone", specifies Peugeot, because"it would be too dangerous compared to the regulations".

In the saddle

Once seated, the rider instantly finds his place on the large, comfortable saddle. Small problem on the other hand for the novice who does not know where to place his feet on the floor: in the front, in the back or in the middle? Go for the middle, we will adapt later…

The central release is no problem and the 172.5 kilograms of the beast land softly on the ground. On the other hand, the kickstand and the lateral kickstand will require a little more experience, as the kickstand recall is fast. As on its standard cousin, the side stand of the Satelis Compressor is devoid of contactor, provided on the other hand on the 250 and 500.

On the way

For mysterious safety reasons, starting requires the action of the brake. The brake is therefore actuated, pressure on the starter, the engine starts, slight rotation of the throttle and … nothing! A more frank rotation and the Satelis finally agrees to travel its first few meters, not without instantly summoning old memories of teenage mobs, sluggish at will but oh so synonymous with freedom! Except that the Satelis, far from being as sluggish as the 103 SP of yesteryear, easily reaches its cruising speed in a few tens of meters (110/120 km / h).

Still for safety reasons, but this time much more understandable, turning on the turn signals triggers a series of beeps: a clever and very effective idea so as not to forget to turn them off once the maneuver is finished … practical, by observing most scooters in Parisian traffic, it might be preferable for the turn signals to beep before the maneuver, in order to remind the driver to activate his turn signal before turning

More fishing

The K15 offers a bit more cranking fishing than the standard version. Once launched, it also allows more straightforward recoveries, when overtaking for example. Nothing to get your arms torn off – we stay on 125 engine powers! -, but plenty of fun on the handlebars, whether in urban traffic jams or on country roads, even in mid-mountain.

The protection is very suitable, especially as the speed remains moderate compared to larger displacement. We are thus surprised to experience a real pleasure to cross the splendid valley of the Douro, in Portugal, to the east of Porto..

Feet forward

With its feet firmly propped forward in a cruiser position, the Satelis quietly swallows the large, rapid curves which dominate the vineyards of the Porto region and the long meanders of the Douro. Then, once the feet are brought back and the bust stretched a little more forward, spin happily on the small roads broken by thunderstorms and mudslides.

Braking on the Compressor version is devilishly effective, even – and above all? – without ABS. In comparison, the ABS braking of the standard version seems much softer and hardly seems convincing..

Handling is very good, including on small winding roads. Even though it has a tendency to wiggle slightly in tight curves at times, the Satelis Compressor more than makes up for it with its handling and agility. And in large, fast curves, its good road behavior makes it a particularly pleasant and comfortable means of transport..

It is unsurprisingly the K20 which wins the palm of approval with its more frank times from 70 km / h, where the standard model and the K15 level off and lose driving pleasure. But since this version is reserved for A licenses who have access to higher displacement, one can wonder whether they will not be interested in waiting for the 250 version of the Satelis, which is scheduled for launch in September, or the 500 l ‘. next year

There is in fact little doubt that the K15, directly accessible to motorists thanks to the B license equivalence, will take the part of the Lion compared to its big brother of 20 horses. "For now, it is difficult for us to set goals between the K15 and the K20", explains Claude Alembert, Commercial Director of Peugeot Motocycles.

It is also difficult to estimate the proportion of motorists who will be tempted by this muscular version of the Satelis rather than the standard version, less fun but more practical thanks to its larger, cheaper and more fuel-efficient trunk with average consumption. estimated by Peugeot at 4.5 l / 100 for the Compressor against 3.6 liters for the standard version … To be continued !

Still, the Satelis scooter, whose launch at the beginning of March is already a success (read), is a real survival operation on the part of Peugeot Motocycles, which intends to put an end to its lean periods in the face of Italian competition.

"A hellish pace was imposed on the Mandeure plant (25), completely modernized in 2001, to accommodate an industrial project of such magnitude", explains Peugeot Motocycles, which is preparing to decline each of the three displacements of the Satelis (125, 250 and 500, read) in three versions: Premium, City and Executive.

  • Satelis K15 Premium: € 4,499 (Premium Standard: € 3,799)

  • Satelis K15 City (integrated anti-theft device): € 4,659 (City Standard: € 3,959)

  • Satelis K15 Executive (integrated lock + ABS): € 5,099 (Executive Standard: € 4,409)

Read also:

The price of accessories

Accessories Reference All taxes included price
Luggage rack A05811 € 189.00
Side deflectors A05812 € 29.90
High windshield A05813 € 129.00
Short windshield A05836 € 99.00
Aluminum handlebar ends A05837 € 49.90
Hand guards A05814 € 19.90
Side protection pads A05815 € 14.90
Passenger backrest A05816 € 49.90
Pilot protection apron A05817 € 109.00
Pilot cored sleeves A05818 € 39.90
Remote opening plip A05819 € 64.90
Passenger footrests A05835 € 29.90
Kappa 46 liter painted top case A05833 TV / NK / A6 / E7 € 179.00
Top case Kappa 46 liters raw black A05833 N € 155.00
Kappa 46 liter top case backrest A05834 € 34.90
Protective scooter cover A05822 € 39.90
Body kit for lasso chain assembly A05820 NK / A6 / TV / E7 € 34.90
Luggage rack + top-case + backrest kit A05821 NK / A6 / TV / E7 € 349.00
Alarm TGA005 € 299.00
Portable hands-free kit TGA026 € 175.00
Tom-Tom Rider GPS TGA027 € 599.00
Lasso chain ABA169 € 184.00

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