All Tests – Suzuki GSR 750 Test: Attack of the Clones! – Copy-bite?

Suzuki GSR 750 test: attack of the clones !

All Tests - Suzuki GSR 750 Test: Attack of the Clones! - Copy-bite?

Following in Yamaha’s footsteps, Suzuki finally decides to try to compete with the Kawasaki Z750. And if the GSR750 does not revolutionize the genre, its dynamic abilities could give it the advantage in the 750 cc roadster segment. ! Test.

Copy-bite ?

To be honest, the editorial staff of Site never quite understood why Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki remained so passive in the face of the success of the Kawasaki Z750, the star of "mid-size" roadsters discovered at the end of 2003 (read our).

Usually quick to follow – or even copy – trends, would Japanese manufacturers have considered the domination of the "Zed" ephemeral? Unless the prospect of overshadowing their traditional 600 cc roadsters with 750 cc models has given marketing managers a cold sweat. ?

Still, this astonishing inaction has greatly benefited the Greens: acclaimed in Spain, Italy and especially in France – best selling of more than 125cc since 2005 -, the Z750 has already sold more than 125,000 copies in Europe. !

Fatally, such a success all the same ended up convincing of the merits of Akashi’s approach: after Yamaha and its FZ8 (read our), it is Suzuki’s turn to launch its counteroffensive with its new GSR 750.

To say that it was expected, this "seven and a half" GSR, is a real understatement: the 750 cc displacement is more than closely linked to Suzuki, since the legendary and iconoclastic GSX-R 750 has made it its business since 1985 !

Therefore, how to explain that Suz ‘waited so long to graft the block of a Gex in a part cycle of GSR 600, history of carving croupiers à la Zed (read our) ?

"Suzuki carried out a large survey across Europe, which took a long time, in order to be sure to define the exact displacement, but also the stylistic and performance criteria desired for our new model.", explains Keisuke Namekawa, one of the designers of the Suzuki GSR 750..

A response close to the language of wood since with a displacement and performance almost identical to those of the Zak ‘(748 cc, 106 hp and 78 Nm of torque for the Z750 against 749 cc, 106 hp and 80 Nm of torque for the GSR 750), but also lines sharing the same "Manga" inspiration, we cannot say that Suzuki really took advantage of all this time to innovate or surprise…

Engine: what is changing
compared to the GSX-R 2005

  • Power and torque go from 148 hp and 86 Nm to 106 hp and 80 Nm on the GSR

  • Smoother cam profile, higher valve lift and reduced valve diameter

  • diameter of the intake pipes revised to promote low and mid-range torque

  • Less firm valve spring calibration

  • Iridium spark plugs on the GSR

  • Pistons cast on the GSR (forged on the GSX-R)

  • 32-bit electronic control unit (16-bit on the GSX-R)PAIR air injection ducts (Pulsed Secondary-Air: air is sent above the exhaust valves to reduce pollutant emissions) are reduced from 6.7 mm to 8 mm
  • Bigger catalyst volume (338cc to 417cc on the GSR)
  • In addition, technically speaking, the GSR 750 will not cause a stir among enthusiasts of "high-tech" parts: to contain costs, the in-line four-cylinder is derived from the 2005 GSX-R (see box below). -against).

    The double-beam chassis and basic square-section swingarm use steel, Kayaba suspensions are preload-only adjustable and the front two-piston calipers are axially mounted.

    With a stroke of the pencil certainly dynamic enough successful (the general compact line and raised on the rear is pleasantly suggestive) but a bit consensual and "already seen", the souffle GSR 750 would tend to deflate right when Suzuki offers us to start tasting it in the surroundings of Seville (Spain) … !

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