All Tests – Suzuki GSR 750 Test: Attack of the Clones! – The GSR 750 revelation!

Suzuki GSR 750 test: attack of the clones !

All Tests - Suzuki GSR 750 Test: Attack of the Clones! - The GSR 750 revelation!

Following in the footsteps of Yamaha, Suzuki finally decides to try to compete with the Kawasaki Z750. And if the GSR750 does not revolutionize the genre, its dynamic abilities could give it the advantage in the 750 cc roadster segment. ! Test.

The GSR 750 revelation !

A tad perplexed by the lack of audacity of the Suzuki recipe, the editorial staff of Site nonetheless attack the dynamic part of this test with an appetite that the GSR 750 intends to satisfy with a tempting menu composed of 300 km of curvy roads !

Equipped with a relatively high saddle (815 mm) but sufficiently narrow at the crotch to allow a pilot of 1.75 m to easily put his feet flat, the Suz ‘is welcoming: the wide and almost flat handlebars can be caught. easily and only induces a slight tilt of the bust forward.

To stick to its vocation as a sporty roadster and take care of the ground clearance, the footrests, on the other hand, require to significantly fold the legs, while the 17.5-liter tank generously spreads the knees: like the Z750 and above all of the FZ8, the GSR 750 will flatter the ego of bikers who love nothing as much as the feeling of having a "big" one between their legs !

Conversely, at low speed, the new Suzuki roadster seems as light to handle as a 600 cc and its disconcerting ease of handling is surprising given its significant mass: 210 kg in running order..

The GSR 750 also has devilish agility, a satisfying turning radius and rear view: with its smooth and precise gearbox, the new Suzuki is a real tool in the city. !

On the practical side, if the presence of warning, a coded key and tie-down hooks on the footrest plates is appreciated (just like that of a fuel gauge and indicators of gear engaged and consumption: read the "Instrumentation" part of our technical sheet on the following pages), the low volume of the boot, the clutch not adjustable in spacing and the discomfort of the passenger seat remind us that the GSR 750 was not designed for the tourism.

Unsurprisingly, in a good, loud-mouthed roadster, it invites more for a frank arsouille than for a bucolic ride! However, on this point, the Suzuki hits hard: if the Z750 and FZ8 leave you hungry when it comes to teasing virolo indecently, the GSR 750 makes short work of tight pins, devours a series of great curves without indigestion and crunches the "pif" and the "paf" with a pleasing gluttony !

Despite the simplicity of its cycle part, it is remarkably balanced. Its front axle offers first-class precision and liveliness: the GSR 750 dives effortlessly and allows cornering while standing on the brakes without sweating! Here again, the Kawa and the Yam ‘can not say the same and may take a lot of money during a comparison to come soon on MNC !

Stable and well cushioned, the Suzuki continues its recital in a long fast part: a simple pressure on the interior footrest is enough to correct a trajectory error. And in case of total excess of optimism (!), The excellent work of the fork makes it possible to lick the right lever on the angle without "freezing" or straightening the machine.

It is only at very high speed or by giving full throttle on bumpy portions that the liveliness of the front axle of the GSR 750 is paid for by slight steering movements, which one muzzles however while remaining flexible on the handlebars and tightening the thighs around the tank.

This phenomenon is all in all logical – that a roadster "lives" a little from 180 km / h will undoubtedly not shock our readers! – partly finds its source in the second strong point of the Suzuki: its angry engine, capable of offloading the front in second gear and propelling the crew to more than 250 km / h in sixth !

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