All Tests – Suzuki GSR 750 Test: Attack of the Clones! – The right price

Suzuki GSR 750 test: attack of the clones !

All Tests - Suzuki GSR 750 Test: Attack of the Clones! - The right price

Following in Yamaha’s footsteps, Suzuki finally decides to try to compete with the Kawasaki Z750. And if the GSR750 does not revolutionize the genre, its dynamic abilities could give it the edge in the 750cc roadster segment. ! Test.

The right price

Recognized and appreciated for its availability and its rage, the reworked block of the GSX-R has lost none of its luster on the roadster, as suggested by the harsh and powerful sound which escapes from the silencer aesthetically decorated by a chrome cover..

Available from 2000 rpm, it gently revives at 3000 rpm (50 km / h in third) and clearly reinforces its presence 1000 rpm higher (90 km / h in 6th): from 4000 rpm, the 4 – in-line cylinders clears their throats and rolls up their sleeves before delivering a copious pif at 6000 rpm !

At this speed, the excellent traction offered by the 180mm Bridgestone BT016 at the rear is sincerely blessed, both the dazzling revs and the hairy acceleration up to 11,500 rpm of the switch offer their quota of sensations. : sporty, the GSR 750? Certainly !

In arson, his surprising predispositions are such that we will forgive his brutal injection during the go-around after a complete deceleration, just like his perfectible saddle comfort. The absence of compression and rebound suspension settings is also forgotten, since the fork and shock absorber offer the progressiveness necessary to preserve relative comfort and the rigor demanded by the most athletic.

On the other hand, the vibrations felt from mid-revs in the footrests, then along the tank and on the handlebars in high revs will annoy everyone, as will the lack of feeling and bite of the two front pistons on the discs. 310 mm.

The power will certainly be sufficient in most cases ("especially in the rain", note the more pragmatic!), but it demands to crush the right lever where more finesse and attack at the start of the race would have completed an extremely pleasing dynamic picture.

"We could have installed a more advanced device with radial calipers and even opted for an aluminum frame.", blows us Kazataka Ogawa, the Styling Designer of the GSR 750. "But the motorcycle would then have cost around 1000 € more expensive and the benefit for most users would not necessarily have been so interesting.", considers the Japanese.

The competitors of the GSR 750

  • Kawasaki Z750 : 4-cylinder, 748 cc, 106 hp and 78 Nm of torque, 226 kg all full (230 kg with ABS), € 7,699 (€ 8,299 with ABS)

  • Yamaha FZ8 : 4-cylinder, 779 cc, 106.2 hp and 82 Nm of torque, 211 kg all full (216 kg with ABS), 7,999 € (8,799 E with ABS)

  • Triumph Street Triple : 3-cylinder, 675 cc, 106 hp and 68 Nm of torque, 186 kg all full (no ABS version), € 7,990

  • Ducati Monster 796 : 2-cylinder, 803 cc, 87 hp and 78 Nm of torque, 167 kg dry (169 kg with ABS), € 9,190 (€ 9,890 with ABS)

  • BMW F 800 R : twin, 798 cc, 87 hp and 86 Nm of torque, 199 kg in running order, € 7,990 (€ 8,815 with ABS)

  • Aprilia Shiver 750 :), twin-cylinder, 749.9 cc, 95 hp and 8.25 m / kg of torque, 189 kg dry, € 7,799 (€ 8,399 with ABS)
  • This "pleasure-economy" compromise is undoubtedly relevant (the GSR has no complex to have in action, on the contrary!), But it may disappoint some. Especially since the accessible GSR 600 – which disappears from the Suzuki catalog after the available stocks have run out – is equipped with an aluminum frame and swingarm. !

    Finally, there is one last point which risks making a lot of teeth cringe: the mediocre finish of the GSR 750 … Even if the Japanese admit to having made modifications following the first fairly "fresh" fallout which followed the discovery of the machines. at the Cologne show (on the integration of the electricity network and surface treatments, in particular), many details continue to bother.

    Let us mention jumbled together the just passable welds of the frame and the exhaust, the Rizlans collars and the electrical terminals visible here and there or the fixing brackets of the really cheap front indicators….

    Not to mention the unsightly empty space between the cylinder bank and the chassis: not only does this gaping hole give the impression that a part has been forgotten during assembly, but it exposes to the gaze a jumble of cables and hoses not very sexy.

    If at € 7,799, the GSR 750 is in the good average of its category in terms of price (see box above), it points in the low range of the genre in terms of finish and equipment.

    Fortunately, the Hamamatsu roadster easily makes up for it with its convincing sporting performance and its lively engine: two advantages which should allow it to reach without too much difficulty the target of 4000 units set by Suzuki France. !

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