All Tests – Suzuki Inazuma 250 Test: a convincing mini roadster! – City car with ease, road with pleasure

Suzuki Inazuma 250 test: a convincing mini roadster !

All Tests - Suzuki Inazuma 250 Test: a convincing mini roadster! - City car with ease, road with pleasure

Suzuki offers with the new Inazuma the only 250 cc roadster on the market. A motorcycle that should be able to find a place in the sun under the nose and beard of a sporty competition … First test in the laces of Herault !

Urban with ease, road with pleasure

In the saddle ! Once raised from the crutch – with a little effort for a 250 cc because of its mass -, the Inazuma 250 puts you at ease: feet firmly on the ground, even a "shrimp" of 1.60 m and of 45 kg will be immediately reassured. However, it will be necessary to shift the support backwards, the footrests being right where you would like to place the legs..

No problem: ignition, the dashboard, everything in red tones from the decor to the lighting, clearly displays the data. Nice! Taking the clutch, Suzuki obliges, before launching the twin which snorts with a rather discreet but nice sound.

The time to adjust its brake lever – the clutch freehold is adjusted by a dial – and its mirrors … and gas! On our new stiff test bikes, the box is quite firm but locks well. The clutch does not require any force and is soft and very progressive, even if it is abruptly released by releasing it suddenly: reassuring !

No problem with acclimatization: the latest Suzuki is super easy to access. The position is natural, the controls respond with ease and the first turns of the wheel in Montpellier traffic are as if we were driving on the Inazuma 250 for a long time. !

Road? With pleasure !

The 250 block is flexible and picks up fairly low, but still prefers to stay above 5,000 rpm to feel comfortable. Rest assured, the transmission pulls short and we are very quickly in this rev range…

On leaving the city, a few stretches between the many roundabouts allow you to discover that around 90 km / h, the small cowling of the lighthouse offers slight protection to the head..

Better: the legs remain protected from cold drafts thanks to the large scoops. Later, we will discover that the small bubble proposed as an accessory (see the list and the price of the options in our technical sheet) further improves this first observation..

And since we are talking about speed, we have the good surprise of quickly reaching the 90 km / h in question. Of course, after checking the meter calibration, it will be noted that for "100" displayed, we are in reality at "91", but still! The small twin takes you easily to the legal limits and allows you to overtake without a second thought.

However, a 92 kg rider will have a bit of trouble keeping up with his colleagues on the first climb of our route, a fast row. There, no question of slackening for a single second under penalty of losing contact and the saving aspiration !

It is also one of the rare moments when the small displacement was felt. Indeed, apart from the unusually high revs if you rather frequent 750 or 1000 roadsters, we ride as usual on the handlebars of the Suzuki Inazuma 250. At least as well in urban areas and not slower on the secondary network, except for the rare straight lines of our route.

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