All Tests – Test Drives Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC: road or off-road? – Triumph Tiger 800 XC: field tiger!

Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC tests: road or off-road ?

All Tests - Test drives Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC: road or off-road? - Triumph Tiger 800 XC: field tiger!

Triumph has chosen to reinvest in the off-road segment with two new models, the Tiger 800 and 800 XC: the first is intended for daily road use, and the second for more distant escapades.. Site was able to verify it: tests.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC: field tiger !

With its spoked rims, 21-inch front wheel, 45 mm fork, greater travel and ground clearance, hand guards, radiator guard and spout supplied as standard (available on the 800 as an accessory), the "XC" version of the Tiger 800 is more adventurous.

The differences between the 800 and the 800 XC

(See also the technical sheets on the following pages)

  • Rims and tires

  • Front fork (diameter and travel)

  • Rear suspension (specification and travel)

  • Hand guards on the XC

  • Radiator guard on the XC

  • Front fender (beak) on the XC

  • Handlebars and saddles

  • Saddle height

  • Wheelbase and Socket

Because of these higher suspensions, the Tiger 800 XC is a little less easy to step over and its saddle stands, at its lowest, at 845 mm in height (an extra-low saddle can be fitted on request and for a fee). With its 70 mm wider handlebars, the second Tigress is therefore akin to a "real" trail. !

The older ones will however not hesitate to raise their seat by 20 mm, the ground remaining easily accessible thanks to the saddle refined on its front part. In addition, the footrests can be stripped of their rubber, providing a good extra centimeter to fully stretch the legs..

The thinner Bridgestone Battle Wing front (90/90 ZR 21) fit gives the XC undeniably more "trail" behavior than the 800 fully cut for the road (100/80 ZR 19).

The bets on the angle are a little less progressive and one feels a slightly higher inertia at the level of the front axle during sharp tackings. Likewise, when braking, the fork sinks in more generously and will initially destabilize the uninitiated..

Fortunately, the cycle part of the XC retains the forward-looking and healthy character of the 800. In addition, despite more flexible suspensions working over more distance, the caster angle closed (23.1 ° against 23.7 ° on the 800) and the wider handlebars maintain good agility at low and medium speeds.

At the same time, the Tiger 800 XC benefits from an even shorter turning radius: interesting in town, it will be especially useful in the small paths that the XC will be keen to walk. !

For our trip off the beaten track during the first test, Triumph took care to replace the Bridgestone mixed tires with the real Metzeler Karoo studs. These tires, also approved by Triumph, should be able to be negotiated from the dealership for customers wishing to practice TT frequently..

Thus paved, the Tiger 800 XC definitely acquires its trail status. Becoming tricky on the road, driving the motorcycle with these tires is very fun on gravel. Even novices get caught up in the game quickly, aided by the softness of the injection and the wise character – hey, it has become an asset! – from 800 cc.

Certainly, the 215 kg all full made of this Triumph are felt, especially when negotiating the sharp turns. But the perfectly dosed braking avoids any mishap. The rear brake requires a little more attention to be used optimally, but enduro riders or cross riders will do just fine..

To attack the roads in your region – or much further, because the XC has plenty of capabilities! -, it is therefore better to choose the XC: for 1000 euros more than the Tiger 800, it is much better sharpened for off-roading.

We just regret that the tank of this adventurer does not carry a few extra liters. Considering that the on-board computer correctly calculates the motorcycle’s consumption – which Triumph cannot contradict – our test model would have consumed 19 liters after 300 km. A light hair to cross the Sahara…

Likewise, the absence of a center stand (available as an option) is surprising on a motorcycle of this type. Especially since the 800 XC is equipped with a chain and not a cardan shaft, requiring frequent maintenance especially in the event of "sport" outings..

To go on an adventure, the XC can be equipped with other essential accessories. Most parts "Made in Triumph" – Hinckley’s accessories department employs 75 people! – perfectly adapted to the two Tigresses: engine guard, engine guard, complete waterproof luggage, heated grips, etc..

Note in this regard that Triumph offers a damn effective tool: the site that allows you to configure your bike, the invoice and the visual of the machine being continuously updated..

Note also the original presence on the Tiger 800 and 800 XC of a 12 V socket next to the contactor (with coded key!): Very practical for connecting the GPS! In order to supply all the electrical accessories (in particular the long-range headlights), Triumph has therefore installed a 14 Ah battery and a 645 W alternator. Under the saddle, a short U can fit without worry, as well as pants. rain.

The final results of these two Tigers are therefore very satisfactory: both meet the expectations of road trail enthusiasts on the one hand, and adventurers on the other. It remains to be seen whether Triumph customers will adopt this new policed ​​3-cylinder, and whether competitors’ customers (BMW and its GS, Honda and its Translap or even Crossrunner, or Yamaha and its Tenere, mainly) will think of knocking at Triumph to find their new happiness ?

"We have planned a test weekend at our dealers, probably the second weekend in December.", tells us Jean-Luc Mars, Managing Director of Triumph France. This weekend will undoubtedly be decisive for the commercial launch of the Tiger 800s.

Of the 7,500 sales planned worldwide in 2011, France wants to achieve a thousand. "If we consider the road trails market which represents approximately 5 to 6,000 registrations, this is important", recognizes Jean-Luc Mars."But we intend to cast a wider net, the Tiger 800 in particular being a good alternative to roadsters because it is more versatile.". Response in Site’s market reports in 2011: stay tuned !

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