All Tests – Test X10 125 and 350: Piaggio’s new flagship – Pullman atmosphere guaranteed

X10 125 and 350 test: Piaggio’s new flagship

All Tests - Test X10 125 and 350: Piaggio's new flagship - Pullman atmosphere guaranteed

With the exception of the MP3 three-wheeler, Piaggio lacked a truly high-end GT scooter, like the late X9 that the XEvo struggles to forget. To fill this gap, the Italians are launching the X10 which is available in 125, 350 and 500cc. Testing.

Pullman atmosphere guaranteed

With a seat height of just 760mm, the X10 offers easy access to most scooter riders, who can easily put both feet on the ground when stationary. The seat is extremely comfortable and the positioning of the lumbar backrest is adjustable.

Thanks to the step up to the apron, the driver can opt for relaxed driving "feet forward", which is impossible on MP3s for example. Folded in a more typical "motorcycle" position, the legs easily find their place and the knees are not located higher than the pelvis given the reasonable distance between the seat and the step.

Well protected behind the wide profiled windshield, the driver also benefits from the provision of extensions arranged on each side of the grille to deflect the air flow at the legs.

The passenger is similarly preserved and is relatively well protected behind the pilot. Large grab handles allow him to stand without difficulty, but the space reserved for his feet is more cramped.

The first turns of the wheels allow you to appreciate the good stability of the X10, with 15-inch wheels at the front and 13 at the rear. A relevant choice since it allows the novelty Piaggio to display good overall handling, despite its wheelbase of 1625 mm and length of 2265 mm.

The maneuvers in town therefore do not frighten this new GT scooter and we slalom without forcing in the congestion. On the other hand, the low ground clearance requires to be attentive when climbing or descending a sidewalk….

The X10 fits naturally into the angle, with the most reassuring progressiveness and consistency. The grip of the Michelin Power Pure SC tires with radial structure and dual-compound technology adopted on the 350 proved to be excellent throughout our test, where the rain nevertheless played the surprise guests. !

It is also in these "greasy-wet" – even soggy conditions! – that we appreciate the presence of ASR at its true value (Acceleration Slippery Regulation). This traction control optionally available with ABS regulates – "in 1 / 10th of a second", assures Piaggio – the engine torque as soon as the rear wheel slips. Find all its secrets, as well as those of the combined ABS, in our" Technical point "on the following pages !

Gwendal SALAÜN – Photo DR and G. SALAÜN

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