All Tests – Test X10 125 and 350: the new flagship of Piaggio – Piaggio X10: the high class!

X10 125 and 350 test: Piaggio’s new flagship

All Tests - Test X10 125 and 350: the new flagship of Piaggio - Piaggio X10: the high class!

With the exception of the MP3 three-wheeler, Piaggio lacked a truly high-end GT scooter, like the late X9 that the XEvo struggles to forget. To fill this gap, the Italians are launching the X10 which is available in 125, 350 and 500cc. Testing.

Piaggio X10: the high class !

Unveiled at the Milan two-wheeler show at the end of 2011 (read), the Piaggio X10 begins its long crusade to storm the European market. First available in 125 and 350 cc (available in May), it will also be offered in a 500 cc version at the end of June 2012.

With an imposing size, the X10 is a real eye-catcher from the outset. The lines are modern and fluid, with a very attractive front face which receives a two-optical headlight. These are separated by a lenticular night light overhanging the brand’s logo.

A group of high luminous density LEDs surround this night light in order to reinforce the visual impact of this grille, while the indicators integrated in the continuity of the headlights frame a large windshield.

Seen from the side, the trim seduces by the complexity of its shapes and the impression of unity that it gives off during the progression of the eye towards the rear of the vehicle which ends in a very beautiful way..

Massive, almost cubic, this original stern sees its lines reinforced by the alternation of anthracite gray tones of the running board which contrast with the brown (on the white X10) or the black (on the other colors of the X10) of the long two-seater saddle and of the glove box. The black exhaust for its part is more neutral and discreet, so as not to disturb the balance of the general line..

As the new flagship of the Piaggio range, the X10 obviously has a plethora of equipment and claims a load capacity to match. Its trunk of more than 52 liters – illuminated and "carpeted" – easily accommodates two full-face helmets and incorporates a 12V socket.

The trunk opening is assisted by a hydraulic cylinder and is controlled either electrically from one of the buttons located on the top of the apron, or mechanically via a lever housed in the lockable glove box. Same thing for the gas tank access hatch, housed on the central pontoon.

Two small additional storage compartments take place on each side of the apron, the one on the left being equipped with a USB socket to recharge a GPS or telephone type accessory. On the X10 350 and on the X10 500, the deployment of the side stand automatically activates a parking brake, as on the new BMW C600 Sport (read our) and C650 GT (read our).

The dashboard is just like the scooter, with two analog dials circled in chrome framing a well-stocked digital screen: clock, kilometer counters, exterior temperature, average and instantaneous consumption, average and maximum speed, cartography mode indicator. injection chosen on the 350, adjustment of the rear shock absorber on the 500 … (see the complete list in the "Instrumentation" section of our technical sheet).

A long bar of lights overlooks the whole, bringing together many operating indicators: lights, indicators, oil pressure, changeover to reserve, injection, parking brake. Best of all, the controls on the handlebars are backlit to be more visible at night !

In the 500 cc version, the X10 will also have an electric shock absorber spring preload adjustment, controlled from two buttons located near the switch. Inspired by motorcycles (BMW’s ESA in particular), this device will optimize the damping according to the conditions and / or the presence of a passenger.

Gwendal SALAÜN – Photo DR and G. SALAÜN

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