All Tests – Test Yamaha MT-03: city roadster – Roadster search, intuitive and easy

Yamaha MT-03 test: city roadster

All Tests - Test Yamaha MT-03: city roadster - Roadster search, intuitive and easy

Building on the success of its Master of Torque (MT) range, Yamaha is further expanding its roadster offering with the attractive MT-03, directly derived from the sporty R3. Versatile, it is suitable for young A2 drivers as well as more experienced bikers. Test.

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Easy to access, with a saddle height of 780 mm allowing most users to put both feet on the ground, the MT-03 quickly builds confidence, especially as it displays a contained weight of 168 kg (1 kg less than R3) in working order.

Its wide flat bar handlebars offer a good grip and the upright riding position is reassuring, in addition to offering a clear view on the road. The controls fall naturally to hand but, as on the R3, the brake and clutch levers are not adjustable in spacing and the scrolling of information from the on-board computer is still not managed from the controls.

The new mirrors, for their part, offer good rear-view and are easy to adjust, both in spacing and in inclination. The MT-03 can obviously accommodate a passenger, despite the domed seat of the rear folding seat, and even has aluminum passenger grab handles..

As on the R3, a small storage space is provided under the passenger seat. Finally, the 14-liter fuel tank retains its aviation-style hinged cap, which opens as usual with the ignition key. When starting up, the Yamaha twin-cylinder snorts with the most discreet sound.

A few light strokes of gas are not enough to make him express his character, but by turning the handle more frankly the melody becomes more promising. From the first laps, the Yamaha roadster is stable, neutral and homogeneous, very easy to steer with a well-placed front axle and offering good feedback..

The driving position is comfortable, with not too bent legs and little pressure on the wrists. The clutch is smooth and very progressive, the gears stacking with rigor and precision, even without systematic use of the clutch.

Well balanced, the MT-03 is perfectly suited to urban evolutions, with a coherent weight distribution and a column angle of 25 ° which gives it good handling and excellent agility, without excessive liveliness..

In town, take advantage of a correct steering angle – 34 ° on each side, according to Yamaha – to get out without forcing congestion and make a quick U-turn if necessary.

The twin-cylinder accepts cruising on a trickle of under-revving gas, from 1500 rpm in 4th gear, beyond 2000 rpm on all other gears, even 6th gear type “overdrive”.

Perfect for moving smoothly and quietly in this urban context, but at the expense of responsive acceleration response. By returning to a more suitable gear and higher revs, the MT-03 radically changes its behavior and is much more playful..

Its engine sound changes after mid-revs and we begin to perceive the sporting potential of the Yamaha twin-cylinder … Linear, but very voluntary, it climbs briskly in revs, to the limits of the tachometer and its established red zone between 12,500 and 13,500 rpm. It’s time to get out of the city !

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