All Tests – The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and reassuring – The “Swiss Army Knife” made in Akashi

The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and safer

All Tests - The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and secure - The & quot; Swiss Army Knife & quot; made in Akashi

It was on the beautiful – and wet – roads of Tuscany that we were able to test the all new version of the Kawasaki 1400GTR. For 2010, the Ninjas are offering a better-equipped motorcycle on many levels: would the Kawa be the perfect GT? ? Test !

The "Swiss Army Knife" made in Akashi

In 2007, Kawasaki relaunched itself in the "Grand Touring" segment with the 1400GTR (read our). Three years – and around 1,500 copies sold in France – later, the Greens refine their flagship taking into account the positive and negative reviews of their customers.

Among the strengths in particular, "our customers have praised the engine power, the good feeling when accelerating and the excellent transmission", report the managers of the brand. While on the weak points side,"they criticized a lack of equipment, too little wind protection, a view in the mirrors and a too limited payload". The program for 2010 on the GTR 1400 is therefore: piloting assistance and increased" GT "skills….

Indeed, just three weeks ago, Akashi officials gave us the first information about the new version of its great road (read).

Thus we remembered that the 1400GTR vintage 2010 would inaugurate a traction control system, would adopt a new version of combined ABS, would be equipped with a more protective screen and heated grips as standard, would be fitted with a new fairing and mirrors. higher, and would give way to the "green" wave via an economical driving mode.

In the end, the Japanese engineers claimed to have created a "real "Swiss army knife" of the motorcycle" by adding "additional comfort, additional piloting assistance and a technological "Plus" to the already very advanced and very efficient technical base of the first generation 1400GTR"…

Sure of their own, the Japanese did not hesitate to invite Site to the official press presentation of their new motorcycle. It is therefore in the middle of Tuscany, on sublime roads, that we were able to test this new 2010 product. And the icing on the cake: these roads were wet … Enough to put the GTR to the test. !

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