All Tests – Three red balls tumble at Derbi! – Sportswomen who are right on time

Three red balls tumble at Derbi !

All Tests - Three red balls tumble at Derbi! - Sportswomen who are right on time

Derbi has just drawn three sports news: the GPR and the Senda DRD SM and R. Equipped with the same 125 cc 4-stroke 4-valve engine, these three red balls intend to become the benchmarks in speed, supermotard and enduro. One, back, very: test !

Sportswomen who are just right

During our 2008 two-wheeler market report, Site asked manufacturers if they considered 2009 to be "the year of the crisis". Luc Jaguelin, director of Motana France (importer of Derbi in France), then replied: "let’s say it will be a sporty year ! (read).

Last minute rates !

"We are pleased to inform you at the last minute that the three new products will be the subject of a special launch offer from June 1 to July 31, 2009 !", has just informed us Motana France, importer in France of the Derbi brand. For their arrival, the Derbi DRD will see their price drop by 100 € each: the DRD 125 R will therefore be displayed at 3 999 € instead of 4 € 099 and the DRD 125 SM at € 4,099 instead of € 4,199. As for the GPR 125, it will benefit from a reduction of € 200: the sports car will cost € 4,099 against € 4,299..

And for good reason ! In 2009, Derbi entered the 125 sport segment with no less than three new products: the GPR pistarde, the DRD SM supermotard and the DRD R enduro. Three little Spanish girls that we had the pleasure of discovering at the admirable Parcmotor Castellolí complex , not far from Barcelona…

In front of journalists, Pedro Quijada, Managing Director of Derbi, does not mince his words: "these three models aim to become the market benchmarks", he launches after noting the sad state of the Spanish market for motorized two-wheelers.

Fought in Italy by a consumption aid plan, limited in France – even erased by the Piaggio MP3 LT – (read), the drop in motorcycle sales is dizzying in Spain: "after having seen its sales increase by 25% in 2008, our national market fell by 54% over the period from january to april", laments the Spanish boss.

Pedro Quijada, appalled by his government’s neglect of the Spanish motorcycle market, however hopes that "Catalonia will keep its promises to maintain motorized two-wheeler activity", reporting good news that fell that very morning:"it seems that support for the Spanish automotive market includes that of motorized two-wheelers".

Nevertheless, the leader of the "balas rojas" knows full well that in the event of a problem, it is better to rely on oneself rather than on others … And, the arrival of the three Derbi sports news is therefore timely !

"Derbi was able to brave the crisis of the 70s, then that of the end of the 90s", remarks Federico Musi, marketing director of the Iberian brand. According to him, Derbi relied on two assets: the right product – as was the Senda 50 at the end of the 90s, best seller among the 50 cc to box since – and its history.

"What defines Derbi above all is the race", recalls the person in charge with the carefully prepared speech:"the MotoGP race where we obtained last year a 19th world title with the French Mike di Meglio of course, but also the race that we engage in on the market, on the road…".

In short, Derbi does not hesitate to present its three sports news as anti-crisis weapons, products which should enable it to successfully cross this new delicate period..

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